10 Best Picks From Killer Bundle 25

10 Best Picks From Killer Bundle 25

By  Bex Prouse - 21st Feb 2023

All these games for the Killer Bundle are how much?

10 Best Picks From Killer Bundle 25

We’re launching the 25th edition of the Killer Bundle on Fanatical, so we’re excited to announce 25 games that are essentially £1/$1 each to mark the occasion. With a catalogue of games worth over $400/£300, we’ll be looking at my selection of the ten best games in this amazing collection.  

River City Girls

River City Girls is the latest entry in the River City series, which sees Kunio and Riki captured, so it’s up to their girlfriends: Kyoko and Misako, to save them. Fight your way across River City, either solo or with a friend, and you can gain new skills, weapons, power-ups, and a host of special attacks. If you love anime, manga, or a killer soundtrack, then you have to get River City Girls! 

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Inspired by the tabletop strategy comes Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus. In this game, you’ll become one with the machine as you and your army explore the rediscovered planet, Silva Tenebris. Here, you’ll find forgotten technology and manage your resources to ensure you and your troops survive. If you enjoy an immersive strategy to fight in, you’ll love Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus; plus, you can gain many more abilities by collecting your in-game achievements. So why not plan for your next mission here?


We can’t ignore the classic FPS, DOOM 64, in our selection of best games in the Killer Bundle. Initially released in 1997 on the Nintendo 64, this is one of the best ways to fight through hordes of demons to reach the Mother of all Demons and prevent Hell from invading. With more than 30 levels, you can unlock enhanced weapons and secrets if you’re careful. And yes, it is playable on the Steam Deck. 

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

Set in the fantastical world of Dungeons & Dragons, this old-school RPG will take you back to the ‘90s. Play through the original Baldur’s Gate and enjoy the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion and much more. You can create your hero to customise and recruit your party to explore the Sword Coast. With this Enhanced Edition, you can recruit three new additional heroes; remember, all your choices have meaning. As an additional bonus, if you get the Killer Bundle, you’ll also be able to enjoy Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition too. 


Another throwback to the ‘90s is Turok, the game that introduced us all to a world teeming with life and enemies in a vast 3D environment. In this world, time has no meaning, and the time-travelling warrior Turok enters the fray to find the ancient Chronoscepter. As Turok, you need to find the Chronoscepter to prevent The Campaigner from his plan to shatter the barriers of time and space. Then, if you want to play more, you can also get Turok 2: Seeds of Evil as another addition to the Killer Bundle. 


Inspired by a host of your favourite ‘90s games is DUSK, which will take you through three campaigns to battle cultists, militants, and dark forces set to find what lurks beneath the Earth. You can find an arsenal of weapons to face these forces of evil or put yourself to the test in DUSK’s Endless Survival Mode as you battle against waves of enemies. If you ever grow tired of facing the game itself, go head-to-head with your friends in the DUSKWorld Arena Multiplayer. 

Hypnospace Outlaw

Welcome to the world of Hypnospace Outlaw, where you are a new Enforcer in the Hypnospace Patrol Department. In this ‘90s internet simulator, you can travel through various websites to hunt wrongdoers. Look for copyright infringement, internet bullying, and more while avoiding the viruses and adware that will be sent your way. You can customise your desktop as you see fit, and don’t worry; there are plenty of GIFs too. Just be careful of what you download, as you don’t want the hackers getting to you.

From Space

In From Space, you need to liberate Earth from the terrifyingly pink alien horde that has taken over. You can play solo or with friends, with up to four players in a squad through online play. Using your arsenal of weapons, you can shoot, stab, and explode your enemies and look for loot or use your specialist skills to defeat your enemies. The more you level up, the more skills you get and feel free to cause as much wanton destruction as you like. 

Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes may be a short game, but that doesn’t stop this from being fun. As the Grim Reaper, you decide who will live or die in the beautiful world of office bureaucracy. Throughout this short game, you can stop someone from destroying the world and enjoy a completely normal office job while you try not to let the existential dread seep in. Plus, there are multiple secret endings to enjoy, so depending on what you do, nothing will be the same each time you play.


From the same producers of DUSK comes AMID EVIL, which combines fantasy and FPS to play seven distinct episodes. You will love this game if you enjoy ludicrously overcharged weapons to fight magical enemies coming at you in hordes of endless waves. There are so many in-game options; you can even go back to the old days of cheat codes to make your experience more unique. If you want to go ballistic on a disturbingly adaptive enemy AI that wants to kill you, then go straight ahead.

I know how hard it can be to choose a game to play, but by purchasing the Killer Bundle 25, you can access all these great games and more. At least twelve are verified for the Steam Deck, and the majority are playable on it too. So, with all these games that are only £1/$1 each, what’s there to lose?

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