10 Games to Play with Friends this Halloween

10 Games to Play with Friends this Halloween

By  Nox - 4th Oct 2023

Holidays are better with loved ones!

10 Games to Play with Friends this Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching, and although we're not longer at the age of dressing up and going trick-or-treating, there are new ways — especially in this modern day and age — to spend time with friends and have a blast! This is even easier for us gamers, who have an array of titles at our disposal. From working together to trying to murder each other, here are 10 games to play with friends this spooky season!

#1 — Back 4 Blood

Did you know that the first instance of zombies we can trace back is all the way in 1697? Although they didn't always crave for flesh and brains, these undead fiends have been entertaining (and terrifying) us through actual centuries now! Nowadays, games are one of their biggest spotlights, and Back 4 Blood is one of their best stages. In this chaotic first-person shooter title, we'll go back to the good ol' Left 4 Dead formula of passing through campaigns helping each other... or not. I promise nothing strengthens a bond as much as fighting an Ogre together!

# 2 — Barotrauma

Although Barotrauma doesn't technically have anything to do with Halloween, we're sure it's just a matter of time before freaky sea creatures become the next go-to costume for kids. Jokes aside, this co-op title drops us inside a submarine surrounded by terrifying and alien sea creatures found in the depths of Jupiter's moon's sea. There's no better way to feel like you're part of a horror movie than to hope you can survive the horrors of the depth! Flashbacks to Anaconda, anyone?

#3 — Dead by Daylight

Speaking of being stuck in a horror movie, Dead by Daylight is the perfect way to figure out if you could actually survive in movies like Scream and Friday the 13th. Take on the role of one of the four survivors or step into the shoes of the murderer, with several characters to choose from depending on whether you want to be a paranormal entity or your own version of Jason! Definitely a peak Halloween game.


The survival genre has gone a long way and branched off into many sub-genres. Whether you're looking for something cute but challenging, like Minecraft, or something more along the lines of a nightmare, there's something for everyone. Those who boot up DESOLATE will be right at home during October, as this FPS horror title drops you (and up to three friends) in as a Volunteers — a poor soul who has been sent off to uncover what is behind all the paranormal activity happening on the island! 

#5 — Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together fits several themes in our article: it's a co-op game, it's about surviving, and it looks like it was made by Tim Burton. Although it may look a bit cutesy in comparison to some of the other titles on the list, we don't suggest you underestimate the challenge it can bring! Known and beloved by many — with 95% Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam! — this is hardly a hidden gem, but if you haven't tried it yet, we couldn't suggest it more!

#6 — Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Whether you decide to start off this franchise through the first and original entry or jump into the latest one, you can't be wrong in either. Although it's not the deepest of co-op experiences, playing through the campaign with a buddy has enough action to keep both of you entertained for hours. Parkour through the post-apocalyptic cities, fighting off terrifying zombies, and unravelling the story together in either of the two entries to Dying Light is a perfect bonding experience for a cold Halloween night.

#7 — The Quarry

One of my favourite games to experience with my wife and friends was The Quarry. This title takes a different spin on "being in a horror movie" genre, where instead of running away, hiding, or even killing the enemy, you're stuck in a movie-like gameplay, choosing dialogue options and causing the story to branch off. Bring over a group of friends, pass the controller between each other (or even play online!), and watch as your dumb decisions get the team killed one by one by one.

#8 — Dead Island 2

Another great zombie title to tackle with a friend is Dead Island 2, the sequel to the acclaimed game. This time, instead of a gorgeous and tropical island, we’ll be surviving all across L.A. (aptly called HELL-A in-game) as one of the few people who can survive the zombie pathogen. Grab your buddy, choose your favourite character, and pick up anything that can bash zombie brains in before heading off to another crazy undead-filled adventure for Halloween! 

#9 — Zombie Army 

Arriving near the end of our list now, we've got Zombie Army! This title seems like a modern adaptation of scary movies to watch during Halloween, as we'll be fighting off the undead horde army of Hitler in his desperate attempt to win World War II. Invite up to three friends and play through multiple campaigns, complete missions, and once again face one of Halloween's favourites — zombies!

# 10 — We Were Here Franchise

Last but not least, we couldn't recommend the We Were Here franchise more. These co-op titles are perfect to really test the communication skills between you and a loved one, as you'll be dropped in two different areas and, in order to survive, you'll have to talk each other through different scenarios. Solve puzzles, uncover the mystery, and try not to die! Sounds like a Halloween date night.

That's it for 10 games you should pick up this October! We hope you've found at least one cool new title to jump in with a loved one because, jokes aside, gaming really is a great way to bond with the people we love!

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