Cyberpunk Collection

Cyberpunk Collection

By  Andrew Duncan - 24th May 2023

The near-future, today!

Cyberpunk Collection

Step into the world of neon and shadows! As if the title wasn’t enough of a hint, it’s the Cyberpunk Collection! But, rather than equip ourselves with experimental augmentations, instead we’ve decided to put out four bundles of neon-soaked cyborg dystopia!

First up, we have the Cyberpunk Dystopia Novels Collective Bundle, a treasure trove of gripping narratives and mind-bending adventures and features cyberpunk classics, modern masterpieces, and hidden gems that explore the depths of dystopian futures. There are three tiers to choose from starting at $1, with up to 19 ebooks including Complete Darkness: A Dark Matters Novel by Matt Adcock, the audiobook Into Neon by Matthew Goodwin, and ‘…And Other Disasters  by Dr. Malka Older!

Then there’s the Pro Studio Graphics Cyberpunk Plus Bundle packed with meticulously crafted graphics, stunning character designs, and immersive environment assets, it's the ultimate resource for game designers in search of that authentic cyberpunk aesthetic in a project. One price for icons, fonts, and much more!

Next up is the Sounds of Cyberpunk Bundle, with 11 packs of synthwave music, electro pop, cybernetic bass, sound effects… If you need to sound like you’re in an android dystopia, then you need this 11 item strong bundle!

Finally, it’s a game bundle with the Build your own Dystopian Dreams Bundle! With 14 titles to choose from to make up your choice of three, five, or seven games, you can grab sports, role playing, platforming, and more! Grapple Hoops, Golf Club Wasteland, Synthwave Dream '85 — go and have a look!

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