BundleFest is Here!

BundleFest is Here!

By  Nox - 11th Sep 2023

It's time to bring back "wooting"!

BundleFest is Here!

Finally, we have arrived at the beginning of our BundleFest! We hope you're just as excited as we are for this week's insane deals. But there's no point in getting ahead of ourselves; after all, there are two great bundles to kick things off!

DAY 1 - Prestige Collection

Starting off, our latest Prestige Collection leads the charge. This time around, you'll get to take home up to four games from a fantastic selection of 20 titles, which includes DEATHLOOP, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and Outward

The second bundle to start off the week is our VIP Mystery bundle, which gives you the chance to get keys ranging from indie to AAA titles at a huge discount! Did we mention there are rare AAA packs to be found? There's no better or more exciting way to get a nice assortment of titles.

DAY 2 - Killer Bundle 27

The second day of BundleFest brings the latest in our Killer Bundle series, with the Killer Bundle 27! Get 20 games for one price, with such troublemakers as Zombie Army Trilogy, Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered, Sniper Elite 4 Deluxe Edition, and, well, Troublemaker!

We also have the Mastering Computer Simulation Techniques eLearning Bundle, a bundle with a lot to teach you about microcontrollers, Python, virtual desktops and more!

DAY 3 - New Realms 2 Bundle & more

The third day of BundleFest brings something new: New Realms 2 Bundle, that is!Seven games for one price, including the recent Super Catboy

Next up is an old favourite, it’s the Bethesda Favorites - Build your own Bundle! 14 games to choose from, to make a bundle of two, three, or five! Control rats in Dishonored Definitive Edition, fight Nazis in Wolfenstein: Youngblood, get in a grump with RAGE — they’re all faves for a reason!

Finally for today, the 3D Printable Dungeons: Heroes and Monsters Pack is perfect for that spare filament that you just don’t know how to use. Enhance your tabletop RPGs with a Bullywug, a Water Weird, or a Manticore and more, with this big bundle which saves you hundreds on buying them individually.

DAY 4 - Dollar Collections & more

The fourth day of BundleFest brings some of our most popular items: Dollar Collections! That’s right, you can pick up any of the 15 bundles and packs on offer for just $1. Whether you want some space action with the Rebel Galaxy & Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Pack, want to flex some brain power with the Essential Certification Guides Pocket Pack, go on a retro adventure with the Leisure Suit Larry - Retro Bundle — just go check them all out, I can’t list them all!

Then the Build your own Bento Bundle 3 will have you soaring with If My Heart Had Wings, kicking things with the River City Girls, and well there’s 23 games in all to choose from, so go and build a bundle of three, five, or 10!

The day isn’t over though, as the Cinematic FX & Vocals Bundle brings along three tiers of Funky Disco, Universal Pop, and Retro Ride! If you need some sounds for your projects, then this is what you need.

DAY 5 - Prestige Collection - Build your own Bundle

Finishing off this fine BundleFest is the Build your own Indie Legends Bundle! There are 18 games to pick from to make a bundle of two, three, or five! Wield your immortal chicken in Breathedge, climb things in Human: Fall Flat, get away with murder in Party Hard 2, and loads more to choose!

Finally, you can also craft your own games with the 3D Low Poly Game Assets Bundle, bringing 40 packs of farms, spaceships, sewers and more, spread across three tiers.

That’s not all, of course. More is coming this week! We’ll be sending out reminders through our X feed, Facebook group, Discord server, subreddit, Steam group, Instagram page, and newsletter so don’t forget to check those out throughout this week if you don’t want to miss out!

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