2024's First BundleFest is Here!

2024's First BundleFest is Here!

By  Luz Victoria - 19th Feb 2024

A week of bundle fun!

2024's First BundleFest is Here!

The first Bundlefest of 2024 is here, and as always, we can't wait to share our excitement with you! If you're new around here, we want to offer you the warmest welcome and prepare for you a week of all sorts of bundles! From today until this Friday the 23rd of February, we'll be dropping at least one bundle a day, and they'll include everything from games to assets.

Although I won't be giving away all of the fun by spoiling the mystery, I wanted to mention how much of a killer time we're going to have with our premiere drops... and you might want to prepare a nice bento for the occasion! Insert awkward wink here. 

Jokes aside, we really can't wait to have them all out for you to see. But we have to begin somewhere, and today, Bundlefest arrives with the release of two bundles — our Killer Bundle: Very Positive Edition and our Bethesda VR Collection! This means you'll only get titles rated Very Positive or higher on Steam, and for just $14.99, you'll be able to take a whopping 15 games with you! And for fans of Bethesda and virtual reality, there are new journeys to be found in re-exploring some of the best titles through VR, and there are no words to properly describe the feeling of walking through Skyrim or the Commonwealth!

Make sure to come back every day until Friday to find what's new! And if you're too busy, you could always just follow us on social media so that the news arrives to you instead! Whether you're looking for a new community to find friends and get good deals like Discord, a very in-depth newsletter on reddit, or just a few posts a day letting you know about the best of the best, we've got an option for you:

Check out our Win Your Own Bundle contest for a chance to win some games!

If you can't see the widget below, click here: https://gleam.io/aBxkZ/bundlefest-february-2024-contest-win-your-own-bundle-with-fanatical

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