4 Games Like Cult of the Lamb

4 Games Like Cult of the Lamb

By  Alana Dunitz - 10th Aug 2022

Four games which have similar game mechanics to Cult of the Lamb.

4 Games Like Cult of the Lamb

Playing through the demo for Cult of the Lamb made me realise that this title is unlike any other game I have played before. There isn’t any one game that feels that same, but here are four titles that have some similar elements as those present in Cult of the Lamb

1. Doraemon: Story of Seasons

In Cult of the Lamb you are able to farm and grow crops as a source of food for the followers of the cult. You can find seeds while you are exploring The Old Lands or you can purchase them from a merchant. This reminded me of playing games like Doraemon: Story of Seasons where you plant seeds and tend to your crops. 

2. The Serpent Rogue

In Cult of the Lamb your followers can starve so you have to make sure that you are always collecting food like fruit and berries on your travels while you are waiting for your crops to be ready to eat. In the roguelike title The Serpent Rogue, while exploring you have to collect berries, grains, and other perishables to cook food and keep your energy up. If your character was hungry, you would be weak and not have strength to fight all the enemies that were coming after you. You had a base camp where you would start over from when you were defeated, just like the shrine area in Cult of the Lamb.

3. Red Dead Redemption II

As you play Cult of the Lamb you will learn an incredibly addictive mini-game called Knucklebones. This game is played by rolling dice and placing them on a game board that is split into three rows. The idea is to score more points than your opponent by destroying their dice. You can challenge other players to earn some coins that you can spend on making upgrades to the camp. A lot of other games have addictive mini-games to play, like poker in Red Dead Redemption II. I spent a lot of time on this side game trying to catch all the different kinds of fish, or trying to be a pro poker player!

4. Graveyard Keeper

The dark humour in Cult of the Lamb is great; it reminded me of playing Graveyard Keeper where you have to face some ethical dilemmas and make some questionable decisions at times. Death isn’t exactly a happy thing to deal with, but with the right sense of humour there can be a lot of funny moments. Cult of the Lamb has you doing whatever you need to do to keep your followers happy, which may require you to marry some of them — at the same time. That is guaranteed to make for some interesting situations between the followers!

There isn’t just one game that replicates Cult of the Lamb, but there are a lot of great titles that feel similar to things you will encounter in the game. Check out these titles to tide you over until Cult of the Lamb releases!

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