5 Reasons to Learn to Code in 2024

5 Reasons to Learn to Code in 2024

By  Bex Prouse - 14th Jan 2024

Thinking of a new skill to learn in 2024? Here are five reasons you should learn to code in 2024.

5 Reasons to Learn to Code in 2024

With a New Year comes new possibilities and the chance for a fresh start. Everyone makes their own Resolution, which doesn’t always have to be to eat or drink less. Sometimes, it can even be the opportunity to learn a new skill. Now that 2024 is here, you may be looking for a new hobby or even a way to get into your dream career. 

It doesn’t matter why you want to learn how to code; what matters is what you can do when you learn to code. So, here are five reasons why you should learn to code this year. 

Learn to Develop Your Own Games

Coding is essential for anyone who has ever dreamt of developing their own games, and if you’re here, then you know we’re passionate about the subject. If you’ve ever wanted to make your dream game, then why not check out our Ultimate Game Development Bundle? You can pick and choose whether you want all 18 eBooks, or if you only want a few, well, that’s okay too!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to coding because, with this bundle, you can learn all about how to use Unity, which is still the biggest name in mobile development. There are five books on the subject in this bundle, and with their help, you can learn how to use these skills to become a professional games developer.

Of course, as we’ve mentioned, there are 18 books in total, and it doesn’t only cover one facet of game development. You can learn how Unreal Engine 5 works to make your games stand out, or if you’re looking for a more introductory method, then don’t worry.

You can learn how to develop games through Blender and Godot, and Rust and WebAssembly, allowing you to better understand how to use these skills in real time.

If you’re entirely new to gaming, then you can even learn how to code your games for Roblox from beginner to expert. So feel free to pick and choose how to learn to develop games however you like! 

Become Safer Online Through Cybersecurity

Have you ever wondered how cybersecurity works? Anyone with a knowledge of computers will know that the landscape is ever-changing, so being literate in how to stay safe is more important than ever before. That’s why the Cybersecurity Expert Bundle 2nd Edition could be essential for anyone interested in staying ahead of the game.

Nowadays, everyone keeps so much of their information online, and by learning about cybersecurity, you can learn how to protect your data and keep your information secure. In this bundle, you can choose how you learn by selecting the tier that’s right for you. With three tiers to choose from, let’s go into a little more depth.

By choosing the first tier, you’ll be able to learn about the foundations of cybersecurity, understand the threats on the internet, and learn how to counter them. However, the second tier will allow those interested in pursuing a professional career in the sector. For example, you can learn more about DDoS attacks and how to analyse and secure a social network. It’s all about learning cybersecurity management, which is essential to anyone who wants to expand their career.

Meanwhile, the third and most advanced tier will allow you to equip yourself with knowledge of cybersecurity and the best practices. You can even learn the challenges the industry has faced over the years, allowing you to better understand the challenges faced recently during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want to stay one step ahead or build a new career, feel free to check out this bundle. 

Build and Develop Your Own Website

Have you ever wanted to learn how web development works? Whether you’ve ever wanted to build your own website or you’d just like to expand your knowledge, we have two great bundles that you can use to boost your skills.

One of the most important coding languages to know in web development is JavaScript, which is why Fanatical has put together a 3rd Edition of the JavaScript Bundle to ensure you know everything you can to become an expert. With up to 17 books to learn from, you can select from the three tiers to learn JavaScript at your own pace and without any need to know any of the languages before you learn.

However, if you want to learn a bit more than JavaScript on its own, then consider picking up the Mastering Full Stack and WebDev Bundle. This bundle is still accessible to developers of all skill levels, and it includes a collection of eBooks and video courses to ensure you can learn everything.

Beginners will be able to build a solid foundation through these courses, while more experienced developers may have a chance to advance their careers in web development. After all, the internet is constantly growing, and what better way to advance your career or gain a better understanding than by learning how web development works?

Discover How to Design Your Own Software

Have you ever wondered how you could build your own app for people to use? One of the best ways to do this is by learning how to design and develop your own software. Fanatical has curated a second edition of the Python Programming for App Development Bundle to do just this.

Using a selection of three tier levels, beginners can learn more about how Python works and how to code using Python. By using the Python programming language, you can better understand why so many programmers use it themselves. It’s undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to code due to its ease of use and the fact that it is both cross-platform and open-source. It’s even integrated with several other programming languages, including Java and C# to name a few.

For the higher tier levels, you can master how Python works and even master syntax and design patterns. It’s all about advancing your knowledge to better understand more advanced concepts around big data, machine learning and the Internet of Things.

Get a Better Understanding of Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence can be controversial, one of the best ways to understand it is by learning more about it. AI has grown significantly in recent years, which has proven benefits and challenges for creators worldwide. That’s why Fanatical has curated the Python, Ai and ChatGPT Bundle to help those curious about the subject understand it better.

Tech enthusiasts will appreciate this bundle, as it will allow you to master the latest advancements in both AI and ChatGPT. Using a mixture of real-world scenarios and video learning, you’ll find a holistic learning experience if you want to diversify your skills.

If you’ve ever wanted to play with artificial intelligence, see how you can mess around with prompts for ChatGPT and Midjourney and learn how it works. You can also better understand why AI is used and how you can use it to improve your creative skills.

Best of all, these books can all be read in EPUB or PDF formats, and once you own them, they’re yours forever, so you don’t need to fret about learning to code at anyone’s pace but your own.

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