5 reasons why you need to buy Killer Bundle 20

5 reasons why you need to buy Killer Bundle 20

By  Sam Jones - 17th Nov 2021

You'll be DYING to play this exclusive collection

5 reasons why you need to buy Killer Bundle 20

It's here, the KILLER collection you’ve been dying to own!

With the brand-new Killer Bundle 20, we’ve hunted down a fantastic choice of awesome Steam PC games for you to play - featuring three new-to-bundle keys!

With two tiers of games to select from, featuring a host of highly-rated titles, Killer’s got you covered for hours of gaming - with epic action adventures and more for you to dive into. If you didn't need enough of them anyway, here are five reasons why you need to buy Killer Bundle 20.

New-to-bundle hits

New-to-bundle hits

The Killer Bundle 20 gives you a great range of games to enjoy, and that includes three new-to-bundle Steam PC keys. One if which is the 'Very Positive' Rage in Peace, the action-adventure Indie from developer Rolling Glory Jam.

This side-scroller tells the story of Timmy Malinu, an emotionally numb 27-year-old actuary who only has one dream that sets him apart from most people... to die asleep in his pyjamas, in the warmth of home, in peace, and with no drama.

On one fateful day, a Grim Reaper appears bearing news that Timmy will die today. With his head cut off. But the Grim Reaper did not specify when, where, or what will kill Timmy, giving him one final chance to realize his dream.

But achieving his dream will not be an easy task for Timmy. To reach his home, Timmy will have to avoid all the traps and obstacles that mysteriously show up to stop him from "cheating" death.

Surprise and memorization will be the key for you to help Timmy postponing his demise, receive inner peace, and dying the way he always wished to.

Why have one when you can have 10!

Why have one when you can have 10!

"Hang on a second, I see nine keys but it says that they're 18 games in this bundle!"

Don't concern yourself with these worries, traveller, for the Killer Bundle 20 does indeed feature 18 games for your to experience. This is because the Dread X Collection features, you guessed it, an anthology of 10 terrifying survival horror games.

Horror, at its core, is primal. You don't need a multi-million dollar design budget or advanced real-time bullet physics to make something scary. You just have to have an idea that is raw, and the honesty to execute it.

P.T. perfectly illustrates this point. It takes place entirely in one hallway. It didn't have complicated AI. There weren't a dozen characters to design and model. Hell, there weren't even that many scares. And it was absolutely terrifying. It distilled the concepts of the ill-fated Silent Hills into a dense moment of terror. It was its own compact experience and a glimpse into something much more.

Many games have tried to imitate P.T. in content. A million spooky hallways with a trillion collectible notes. Some of these are fantastic. But what about that concept? To distil your dream project into something condensed, raw, and real?

That was the question posed to 10 brilliant creators. Make a P.T. for the horror project of your dreams. Both a game on its own, and a window into a much larger world. Make it raw. Make it real. Make it a reflection of your own fears. Make it in just seven days.

And they did!

A hit with fellow gamers

A hit with fellow gamers

Many titles included in the Killer Bundle 20 are highly rated by Steam PC gamers, but one in particular shines above the rest. Rated 'Overwhelmingly Positive' on Steam, Supraland is the Metroidvania puzzle adventure that takes inspiration from Zelda, Metroid and Portal. You'll explore a large interconnected world in which most ways are at first unpassable until you find new abilities to overcome those limits.

Most of the game is about exploration and trying to find secrets. Often you will think you are about to get out of bounds and beat the level designer, but right there is a chest waiting for you with a very rewarding upgrade.

The deeper you get into the game the more you will be facing puzzles so creative they are completely unique. Puzzle types that I already knew from other games were immediately rejected in the design process. And it's important to me that once you understand the idea behind a puzzle, you can immediately solve it instead of having to go through a cumbersome, frustrating execution.

The fighting mechanics are inspired by 'old-school' shooter games where you can strafe and jump around at high speed and never have to wait for your weapons to reload.

Did someone say free DLC?!

Did someone say free DLC?!

Heck yeah we did! If you opt for Tier Two of the Killer Bundle 20, you'll get all 18 games as well as four free DLCs.

These DLC come with Victor Vran ARPG, the isometric hack 'n slash RPG in which you'll combine special moves, devastating weapons and powerful items to thwart demonic foes. Victor Vran lets you decide how to play the game.

Forge your own personal version of Victor thanks to a vast array of powerful weapons, game-changing outfits, wicked demon powers, and destiny cards. Use special moves, combine skills and weapons to wipe out hordes of hideous beasts and clever boss monsters.

Slaying demons doesn’t have to be a lonely affair – team up with friends online and explore the story of the dark world together in a full co-op experience. Local co-op is also available.

Invite friends to defeat a vile monster or fight alongside players from all over the world. Do you want to find out who is more powerful? Try out the PvP Arena.

The free DLC includes:

- Tome of Souls DLC: Introduces a brand new weapon type that unlocks new active abilities and a spellcaster playstyle. Of course, there are legendary tomes of forbidden words and endless power, such as The Nekonomicon and Fifty Shades of Slay.

- Highlander Outfit DLC: Opens even more character build options and an exciting new look for the title character.

- Cauldron of Chaos DLC: Adds a huge new map that offers a randomized layout, encounters, and daily challenges.

- Wanderer Outfit DLC: Adds another new attire, sporting the same attributes as the Cavalier's Outfit.

Big savings

Big savings

Best of all, it's the super savings that makes the Killer Bundle 20 an awesome choice for gamers, with up to 96%* off!

Who could say know to a collection of 18 games and four DLC for just $7.49 (£6.69 / €7.85). Upgrade your weapons and battle through robot foes atop of towering skyscrapers in cyberpunk roguelite looter shooter Danger Scavenger; Witness the terrifying legacy of the Weeping Angels as you solve mysteries through a phone in puzzle adventure Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins; and attempt to perform forbidden alchemy experiments to restore your lost daughter’s soul in the disturbing visual novel My Lovely Daughter - and much more!

Grab the Killer Bundle 20 now while stocks last!

*currency/region pending

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