5 reasons why you need to play Days Gone on PC

5 reasons why you need to play Days Gone on PC

By  Guest - 30th Oct 2021

The former PS-exclusive survival game arrives on PC - and here's why you need to check it out

5 reasons why you need to play Days Gone on PC

Hostile survivors, flesh-eating mutated monsters and exploring a post-apocalyptic Oregon - what's not to love about Days Gone.

The open-world, action-adventure from Bend Studio launched back in 2019 for PlayStation 4, but now a wider spectrum of gamers are feeling the love as the former console exclusive AAA title has arrived on Steam PC.

If you're jumping into this zombie-esque experience for the first time, or just want to see what new things the PC version has to offer compared to your last outing, here are five reasons why you need to play Days Gone on PC.

New additions

While players were sad to hear that Days Gone wouldn’t support ray-tracing or DLSS, the game still boasts some lovely features for those with high-end PCs and peripherals. PC players can control the level of detail in shadows and textures, while tinkering with the draw distance.

Days Gone also allows for 60fps, as well as the option to unlock the framerate if you choose. Perhaps the best feature comes to those with ultra-wide monitors, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the scenery of Oregon while cruising on Deacon’s motorcycle.

It's zombies and motorbikes!

It's zombies and motorbikes!

That’s a match made in heaven, surely? Riding motorbikes (safely) is cool and fighting hordes of zombie-like creatures is cool. That's double cool.

But seriously, the fighting and driving mechanics feel great and as that’s what you'll be doing for most of Days Gone, it's clear you’re likely to have a good time.

Yes, we live in a world where zombie have been done to death, but the Freakers do feel like a breath of decaying air for the video game trope.



From when Days Gone was initially shown to the public, much of the noise was in reference to the sheer number of enemies squeezed onto the screen. Some moments of the game deliver wave after wave of Freakers to try and tear you limb from limb.

It's quite the spectacle, and this will have more impact on PC as the powerful hardware creates a delightful sea of carnage.

It has heart

It has heart

It may not look like Days Gone has wonderful characters and buckets of charm, but underneath the brains and blood, there is a surprisingly touching story of friendship and love. Away from the fighting and cut scenes, there's a lot of love in the creation of Oregon, too.

The world is beautiful to explore; with trees cresting hills and sweeping roads weaving between camps and settlements, it has a sense of quiet beauty.

A sign of more to come

A sign of more to come

Unless you've been living under a rock recently, you’ll have likely seen that the creator of Days Gone partly blamed the lack of a sequel on players for not buying the original game. Alongside this, fans of the game launched a petition for Sony to greenlight a sequel.

That's a lot of noise to make and you buying the game and lending your support to the franchise may very well help tip the scales for Sony to step in and explore the possibilities of another entry in the series.

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Article by Daniel Lipscombe



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