7 Reasons to Play Scathe

7 Reasons to Play Scathe

By  Nox - 31st Aug 2022

Looking for excuses to buy Scathe?

7 Reasons to Play Scathe

You might have looked at Scathe and wondered if this is a title you should pick up. Whether you opted not to because of lack of information or are merely looking for more reasons to be hyped, here are seven reasons why you should definitely pick up Scathe!

1 — Fast-paced

Scathe's movement speed is a bit quicker than usual, and I rather loved what that added in terms of the feel of the game and gameplay itself. Thanks to the quicker movements, dodging bullets isn't tedious but still challenging enough, and everything feels much more chaotic because of it. 

2 — Satisfying animations

From the movement to the gunshots to the enemy deaths, Scathe looks great! I love the fluidity of the animations, no matter what it is you're doing. 

3 — Graphics

3 — Graphics

I would be lying if I said I didn't constantly stop to admire the area. Sure, Scathe isn't exactly pretty in the traditional sense, but the redness of the lava and bullets really popped on my screen, especially with the darker tones of the areas.

4 — Awesome Music

I played Devil May Cry 3 when I was a teenager, and many years later, nearing my 30s, I still pop in the OST occasionally… and I will probably do the same with Scathe. The whispering and the beat were fantastic, bringing the mesh of music, graphics, and action to its climax!

5 — Co-op

5 — Co-op

I thought it was going to be difficult to share a life with my wife during co-op, but it brought a lot of additional gameplay to us. Although it wasn't quite what we expected — we thought we would share a life bar, not lives — it was very fun to have to be careful in order to not deplete them all too quickly. Alternatively, you can be a complete failure and miss every jump over the lava as I did; it's still funny. 

6 — Bullet Hell

I've seen bullet hell 3D games before but never had a chance to play them. I thought it was going to be tedious and clunky, but it actually just looks incredible because you can clearly see when you dodge one of the projectiles by a pixel, and it adds a lot of tension to being attacked from angles you cannot see. It's hectic, it's quick, it's fantastic. 

7 — You Can Win A Graphics Card

7 — You Can Win A Graphics Card

Looking to try your luck at getting an RTX 3080? Well, there is one to be won! So if not for the music, graphics, or gameplay (which are all pretty awesome), then you should definitely do it for the luck of the draw!

Simply purchase a copy of Scathe on Fanatical and you'll be entered into the draw. If you'd like some extra entries then enter your order number and follow the steps in the Gleam widget below.

UPDATE: This competition has now ended and the winner is Richard B from the UK!

"Blown away to be able to get my hands on this graphics card. Thank you to Kwalee and Fanatical, you are going to transform my gaming enjoyment!"

And these are just seven reasons to play Scathe! There are plenty more I neglected to mention here! Make sure to check it out; this might just be the game for you!

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