A Cyberpunk Winter — Overview by billhollands

A Cyberpunk Winter — Overview by billhollands

By  Danielle Angel - 26th Dec 2022

Including several sample tracks as a showcase!

A Cyberpunk Winter — Overview by billhollands

For the holidays, we sent billhollands our A Cyberpunk Winter Sounds bundle to tinker around and give us an opinion on its contents! In return, he sent us back a phenomenal video showcasing a track that he created with the items inside, explaining how it was done, and which parts were used!

In the video, billhollands shows us some of his sample tracks, individual sounds you can use, and how to tweak them to sound more original and unique! Find out his thoughts at the end of the video and learn more about our bundle! We believe the video was done expertly and really appreciated hearing his thoughts on our bundle, and we wanted to share it with you!

Consider checking out our Cyberpunk Winter Sounds Bundle here! If you like what you heard from billhollands, then we hope you'll love the contents inside the bundle!

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