A history of gaming

A history of gaming

By  Sam Jones - 6th Feb 2018

A look back at how video games and the industry has evolved

A history of gaming

From Pong to PlayStation, Space Invaders to Skyrim, the history of video games and gaming culture is both vast and impressive.

Who would have known that computer training and instructional programs in the 1950s would lead the way to table tennis-like Pong and the arcade craze of the 1970s, as well as the introduction of the Magnavox Odyssey – the first home console?

Fast forward four decades, and the game industry is booming on a worldwide scale. Advanced technology used in modern day PCs and consoles gives people the opportunity to play games of such calibre that they often find themselves on the borderline of realism.

The development of virtual reality (VR) is now gifting millions of people with the chance to step into worlds that they could have only dreamed of visiting, plus an ever-growing esports scene and live streaming platforms have also become a fundamental part of the industry. Video games have come a long way, so much so that we often forget just how many huge milestones have been achieved in the 40-plus years that they’ve been around.

From the younger generation of gamers to the veterans, we all have fond memories of gaming – whether it was pulling an all-nighter with friends to complete a level or defeat a boss, or a console that blew us away with its ability to run games of graphical wonder.

Here, we look at key points over the history of gaming, leading up to the modern day.

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