Age of Wonders 4 Edition Differences

Age of Wonders 4 Edition Differences

By  Luz Victoria - 24th Apr 2023

Which edition should you get?

Age of Wonders 4 Edition Differences

In a couple of days, it'll be time to jump into a magical new realm with Age of Wonders 4! With two editions to choose from and plenty of bonuses, you might be wondering which one's the right one for you. Here are all the differences between the Age of Wonders 4 editions!

Standard Edition

Embark on Triumph Studios' award-winning amalgamation of the 4X strategy genre mixed with turn-based tactical combat with the latest entry into the Age of Wonders franchise! With plenty of new features, such as the new event system and the large customisable empires, alongside franchise classics, such as unique RPG-meets-turn-based-strategy elements!

Raise your empire from the ground, become renowned, and watch as the world dynamically reacts to your decisions. Watch new cities sprawl, armies roam the world, and even magical effects overtake the landscape! Take part in battles first-hand with turn-based battles, engage in newly added morale systems, and feel the challenge with each new coming battle, both against other armies and fighting random foes.

Although the Standard Edition does not come with any special additional items, you'll still be able to experience the latest entry into the award-winning franchise with more additions than ever before! Not only will you be able to experience vast units, armies, and environments to keep your game fresh, but Age of Wonders 4 is the most moddable entry into the franchise, meaning you'll be able to keep the spark alive with the love of the game's soon-to-be modding community.

By ordering the Standard Edition, you get the following items:

  • Age of Wonders 4 Base Game

Premium Edition

Show off your strength to the world by ordering the Age of Wonders 4 Premium Edition and unlocking only the Archmage Attire instantly. This outfit is sure to spruce up your character and give them an intimidating yet powerful vibe to strike fear into opposing empires!

Better yet, play even more of Age of Wonders 4 by receiving the four upcoming expansions that will release over the course of the coming months — Dragon Dawn, which is set to release in Q3 2023; Empires & Ashes, which is set to release in Q4 2023; Primal Fury, which is set to release Q1 2024; and finally, Eldritch Realms, which is set to release Q2 2024! Enjoy all of the coming expansions at no additional cost.

The total cumulative individual value of the six items you'll get with the Premium Edition is a total of $109.96, which you can get at a much lower price! Ensure you can enjoy all of the Age of Wonders 4 expansions and content by purchasing this edition.

By ordering the Premium Edition, get the following items:

  • Age of Wonders 4 Base Game
  • Archmage Attire
  • Dragon Dawn (Expansion Pass)
  • Empires & Ashes (Expansion Pass)
  • Primal Fury (Expansion Pass)
  • Eldritch Realms (Expansion Pass)

Now that you know everything about the different editions that the game has to offer, make sure you check out both the standard Age of Wonders 4 alongside its Premium Edition to better gauge which one's the right one for you!

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