Age of Wonders 4's Super Ultrawide Compatibility

Age of Wonders 4's Super Ultrawide Compatibility

By  Luz Victoria - 25th Apr 2023

When are we gonna get a super duper ultra megawide screen, though?

Age of Wonders 4's Super Ultrawide Compatibility

Although having a super ultrawide screen is a blessing in both work and gaming, it can also cause a terrible amount of disappointment as you realise some of the games you're most excited about don't support the ratio. To help you ease the pain, I’ve decided to write you an article giving you all the details about Age of Wonder 4's super ultrawide compatibility!

I booted Age of Wonders 4 with a Samsung Neo G9 Odyssey super ultrawide, sporting a 5440x1440 resolution and a 32:9 aspect ratio that is a beauty for the eyes and a sight to behold on practically every game. You’ll be happy to know that, upon booting the game, a gorgeous main menu greeted me without any black bars at either side of the screen, allowing me to bask in the glory of Magehaven. The image didn’t stretch, the menus fit in perfectly, and it overall looks pretty great — this same also applies once you actually start the game.

However, Age of Wonders 4's compatibility with the super ultrawide monitor excels the most when you're finally entirely in-game. The map and lands look vast, the menus all work perfectly without looking stretched or cut, and the HUD is spread out nicely; none of the elements within the screen make it feel cramped or tight. Triumph Studios did a phenomenal job at working in the ratio in a way that feels natural and right. 

That being said, though, I did experience a bug throughout my playthrough — my taskbar wouldn't go away, causing the game to be cut off and awkward-looking. It was easily fixed by just going into the taskbar settings and enabling the option for it to hide in desktop mode.

The same can be said for the more common ultrawide resolution, the 21:9 aspect ratio. Whether you play in the super ultrawide and have your entire peripheral vision taken over or you go for the common 21:9, you should experience no issues booting the game with these (clearly superior) aspect ratios!

Age of Wonders 4 is a sight to behold. The wide map allows for a vast range of not only the overworld but in-game tactics as well where you delve deep into combat and see more of the battlefield comfortably, allowing you to plan out your battle strategy. Best of all is that there is no need for any setting up, as you will be able to boot-and-play, an all-too-rare commodity that we hope to see become more common over the years —you won’t have to download any mods or go into any files for this one.

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