Alien: Isolation - Is one of the best horror games

Alien: Isolation - Is one of the best horror games

By  Alana Dunitz - 29th Apr 2022

Fan of horror games? You should try Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation - Is one of the best horror games

Alien: Isolation was released back in 2014 and years later is still one of the best horror games to ever be released. It is the perfect mix of the action-adventure, survival horror, and stealth genres, creating an experience that you should not miss.

When the game opened with the classic 20th Century Fox intro, I felt like I was watching a VHS version of a movie. The intro credits rolled, replicating the usual movie experience I would have as if this were a film. The names were listed beside blocks that I soon realised made up the word "Alien". I felt like I was watching an Alien movie that I had not seen before.

You play as Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley — the main protagonist of the Alien movie series. Set in 2137, 15 years after the events of the original Alien film, we learn that her the flight recorder on mother’s ship, the Nostromo, has been located. She can finally find out what happened on that fateful flight that went missing. Amanda, along with the other two members of the recovery team, will travel to Sevastopol, a freeport and commercial outpost where the recording is being held. 

The cutscenes in Alien: Isolation look great, they could belong right in a movie. As the crew of Ripley, Taylor, and Samuels try to get about the station, when an explosion occurs, breaking the cable they are using to get to the ship. They are split up, and Ripley is left on her own to figure out what happened here and find out what happened to the recording from the Nostromo. 

The lo-fi, 1970’s vision of what the future could look like feels just like what you would see in the original Alien movie. Your objectives when shown on screen emulate the text you see on old home videos. The story in Alien: Isolation is great; we all know that there is an Alien on that space station, but hearing the screams of the survivors as they are being attacked is hair-raising. 

The sound quality is amazing, hearing footsteps on the metal floor and the creaking sounds of the metal ship, makes you think that you aren’t alone and that someone or something is always watching you… it’s a feeling of constant dread. The first-person perspective creates a more immersive experience that makes you feel like you are there on that station, especially when it is paired with great atmosphere lighting effects that are still impressive years later. This game becomes incredibly suspenseful when you are trying to not become one of the Alien’s victims on the Sevastopol; my heart rate was going crazy just waiting for the Alien to bust out of the ceiling! Will you be one of the unfortunate ones to be killed or do you have the skills to avoid and outsmart the Xenomorph with the tools available to you, like the motion tracker and a flamethrower?

There are several DLC packs available for Alien: Isolation, some of which will even let you relive scenes from the original film, so there is a ton of extra content to check out once you are done with the main game. There is even a Survival Mode in the main game that has you facing off against the Alien trying to escape in the fastest time possible. 

If you are a big fan of the Alien movie series, or you enjoy survival-horror games, be sure to pick up Alien: Isolation here!

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