Alien: Isolation What's in the DLC

Alien: Isolation What's in the DLC

By  Alana Dunitz - 28th Apr 2022

The Alien: Isolation game has multiple DLC available for download, but where do you start and what does each content pack contain?

Alien: Isolation What's in the DLC

Crew Expendable and Last Survivor are two bonus levels featuring most of the cast from the original Alien movie reprising their roles. If you want to play them in chronological order it’s Crew Expendable, Last Survivor, and finally the main game.

Crew Expendable

The crew from the original Alien movie are reunited on the Nostromo. This DLC pack takes place after Brett is killed by the Alien: you take on the role of either Ripley, Parker, or Dallas, trying to lure the Xenomorph to the Nostromo’s airlock while they attempt to overcome the terror and constant dread that surrounds them.

Last Survivor

You are Ellen Ripley, the rest of your crew is dead, and it is up to you to set the Nostromo’s self-destruct and attempt to reach the escape shuttle in time. You will have to improvise and scavenge resources to outsmart the Xenomorph in order to survive and complete your mission.

Corporate Lockdown

Corporate Lockdown is the first expansion pack available for Alien: Isolation, featuring additional content for the time-based challenge Survivor Mode:

  • Three new maps, ranging from the Medilabs to the Corporate Penthouse.
  • Ransome, a new playable character will give you extra firepower to battle your enemies.
  • Alien: Isolation leaderboards are available to upload your best times and challenge the world.


Trauma is the second add-on content pack for Survivor Mode:

  • Three more maps will have you scrambling through the vents of the Sevastopol.
  • Get access to Medikits and distraction IEDs as Chief Medical Officer Lingard.
  • Save the remaining survivors on the space station and destroy all traces of your research.

Safe Haven 

The third add-on content pack introduces the all-new Salvage Mode, which tasks you with completing several objectives without dying. Features include:

  • One new map for Salvage Mode that is twice the size of any previous map. Explore the Bacchus Apartments or the Gemini Systems.
  • Faster access to the Shotgun, EMP Mine, and the Bolt Gun when playing as new character Hughes.

Lost Contact

The fourth add-on content pack builds upon the epic Salvage Mode:

  • Explore a second new Salvage Mode map, which features the Emergency Power Plant and Lorenz Private Wards.
  • Play as Axel and equip yourself with the Boltgun and Revolver. 
  • Do what you can to survive run-ins with other humans, Working Joes, and your main enemy the Alien itself.

The Trigger

The Trigger is the fifth add-on content pack released for Alien: Isolation:

  • Explore three new Survivor Mode maps where you try to stay alive and get the highest score.
  • Take on the role of Ricardo and learn about all the explosives on board Sevastopol.
  • Fight the Working Joes while you avoid the security alarms, and more importantly survive the Alien.

Season Pass

The Season Pass contains all five Alien: Isolation add-on packs — Corporate Lockdown, Trauma, Safe Haven, Lost Contact, and The Trigger — in one package. However, it doesn’t include the base game itself.

The Collection

The Collection contains the base game, both bonus levels — Crew Expendable and Last Survivor — and all five add-on packs, for all your Xenomorph desires!

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