Every Bundle Released Throughout BundleFest May 2024

Every Bundle Released Throughout BundleFest May 2024

By  Luz Victoria - 27th May 2024

A complete list of bundles!

Every Bundle Released Throughout BundleFest May 2024

One of our community's favourite events (alongside one of ours, too!), is none other than the BundleFests we run throughout the year! It's hard to keep track of which bundles released, so we've decided to compile a list of all of the BundleFest bundles that we created over the course of the week! Here is all of the information you'll need!

Killer Bundle 30

Tiers: 1

Price: £19.99

# of Games: 30+

We started this BundleFest with the tradition we always do — Killer Bundle! This is a classic collection that tends to be one of the fan-favourites, as you can buy it and get everything included! This time around, we featured a total of over 30 games thanks to the inclusion of the SSI Classics Collection pack!

We got to partner up with a bunch of great publishers for this one. We're very proud to have been able to work together with CAPCOM to bring Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen into the bundle, espeically for those who are looking to get into the franchise after the release of Dragon's Dogma 2! We're also proud to have had 24 new-to-bundle titles, including Konami's GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon and even the expansion for Rain World — Downpour! If you want to learn more about this bundle, check out our Everything You Need to Know About Our Killer Bundle 30!

Build Your Own RPG Bundle - BundleFest Edition

Tiers: 3

Price: £4.99/£6.99/£9.99

# of Games: 3/5/8

It's worth noting here that all of the Build Your Own Bundles will be affected by the recent change we made — you can buy items in between tiers and get a per-item discount! Our RPG bundle features a mixture of titles where you can fight real-time or turn-based strategy, encompassing everything you need from the genre!

You can also find a couple of life simulators in the form of No Place Like Home or Peachleaf Pirates! It also features a few very famous items, including Giants UprisingThe Magister, and Defend the Rook! Though these aren't new to bundles, these have been some very famous titles — if you want to find more suggestions for bundles to build, check out our Best Games You Can Get on the Build Your Own RPG Bundle blog!

Mix Master Music and Vocals Bundle

Tiers: 3

Price: £0.95/£14.15/£18.89

# of Items: 3/20/41

Looking for some tunes to bolster your project? The Mix Master Music and Vocals bundle features 40 new-to-Fanatical music asset packs that'll fit your every creative need! You can find a several Hip-Hop titles for you to get, original content, and all of it 100% royalty-free!

Pick the best bundle for you by selecting from the numerous tiers available and start using the assets right away!

Build Your Own Bento Deluxe Bundle

Tiers: 3

Price: £14.99/£ 21.99/£34.99

# of Games: 2/3/5

For this BundleFest, we decided to go the premium route for the Bento! This way, we could ensure we were bringing new titles to your doorstep, without having to bring back some of the old ones that loyal fans of the Bento line-up have already acquired previously — it seemed you loved it!

We features many new-to-bundle titles in this bundle, though many of you were also very enthusiastic about some of the titles that had been previously bundled before! Don't miss out on checking out the most-famous item for this bundle, Undernauts: Labyrinth of Yomi, alongside the epic cyberpunk adventure ANNO: Mutationem! Many of you loved it, and we were super excited to see your enthusiasm for it.

Build Your Own Play on the Go Bundle


Tiers: 3

Price: £4.99/£6.99/£9.99 

# of Games: 3/5/8

If you have a Steam Deck and want to find games that will work upon installation, then the Build Your Own Play on the Go is the bundle for you! Featuring only Steam Deck Verified titles, all of these games should run smoothly with no problems upon acquiring them and claiming it on Steam!

It's not just a bundle for Steam Deck aficionados, though! You can pick from a total of 17 titles, meaning that you can build any bundle you could possibly want in order to bolster your Steam library! From the epic Children of Morta: Complete Edition to Frog Detective 1: The Haunted Island and Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard, you should have plenty of genres and choices to make!

Build Your Own Strategy Bundle - BundleFest Edition


Tiers: 3

Price: £4.99/£6.99/£9.99 

# of Games: 3/5/8

We heard you loud and clear when you asked for genre-focused bundles, and that's why we included two for May 2024's BundleFest! Though we first released the RPG bundle, we had also prepared the Strategy Bundle, which may not be a debut line-up, but it certainly is a fitting return!

As the title suggests, the Strategy Bundle gives you access to all sorts of Strategy games! There are 14 total strategy games to choose from, and even some complete editions for titles that we knew you'd love! One of the highlights from the community is none other than Mystic Vale Complete Pack, so don't miss out on that title if you do decide to pick up this bundle!

Blender Computer Animation Bundle 4th Edition

Tiers: 3

Price: £0.95/£7.75/£15.45

# of Items: 4/8/14

If you're starting your videogame development journey, then you might be using Blender! If that's the case, then we've got great news, as we have brought the brand-new edition to the Blender Computer Animation bundle, making it the fourth we release!

We're working with PackT to bring you all 14 different books for you to read and learn from! Whether it's uniting Blender with Godot for your videogame desires or using Python scrips for Blender, we've got you covered. There are 14 courses, nine of which are brand-new to Fanatical, and the entire bundle has a total value of $527.86, which is a steal when you only pay £15.45 for it!

Build Your Own Premiere Bundle: Showcase Edition

Tiers: 3

Price: £9.99/£13.49/£24.99 

# of Games: 2/3/6

We premiered (hah) the Premiere Bundle a few BundleFests ago, and it quickly became one of our most famous line-ups overall! Why is that, you may wonder? Well, because for this bundle, we focus only on all new-to-bundle titles, meaning that both newcomers and avid collectors can take advantage of the bundle without getting duplicates!

This time around, many of you adored the inclusion of the Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer, which is a 90's-style retro shooter that stays true to its roots! This is only one of many titles that were released just last year, making some of the games you get under a year old, such as Chicken JourneyBoti: Byteland Overclocked, and more!

VideoProc Software Bundle 2

Tiers: 1

Price: £9.60

Items: 3

Get three softwares for just £9.60, giving you access to two Lifetime Use licenses! This bundle features the VideoProc Converter AI (Lifetime Use), DearMob iPhone Manager (Lifetime Use), and VideoProc Vlogger all in one neat pack for you to use to your leisure!

Both VideoProc items are a great combination of softwares for you to take advantage of, giving you the capability to use them in unison to enhance your own videos! If you're keen on editing, don't miss out on this bundle!

Prestige Collection - Build Your Own Bundle May 2024

And finally, the last bundle we released over the course of BundleFest is none other than the one we've been closing our BundleFests with these last few celebrations — the Prestige Collection! This bundle features high-grade unmissable titles you have to check out, featuring a slew of new-to-bundles and great games overall, making it a perfect choice for newcomers and veterans!

Once again, we had the opportunity to partner up with CAPCOM to bring a couple of their titles in this bundle, though we also had the chance to work with Disney, Bethesda, and Plaion, bringing the Star Wars Collection, Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition, and even the Steam PC version of Saints Row Gold Edition to the bundle! These are some high-grade games, and many of these games have never been bundled!

Now you're all caught up to our BundleFest! Though that may be the end of this blog, you should most definitely come back daily to check out for more deals — we aren't done releasing bundles, and there are always new titles to get and new games to collect! Until the next BundleFest!

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