All Bundles Released Over BundleFest

All Bundles Released Over BundleFest

By  William Brett - 23rd May 2023

Take advantage of them!

All Bundles Released Over BundleFest

Our BundleFest celebration is over, but that doesn't mean that you can't take advantage of the great deals released over the period! Every bundle released lasts for four weeks or until stock lasts, so there is still time to pick these up!

From bundles for just a dollar to VR collections, you are bound to find something to love and purchase! Here is every bundle released over the course of BundleFest

Killer Bundle 26

Our Killer Bundle still remains to be one of the most beloved bundles we offer! We’re up to the 26th one already, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. Not only will you be taking a whopping 24 games home with you, but you’ll also find some amazing quality among them: from Dead Island Definitive Edition, Dishonored, and The Ascent to smaller but still beloved titles like Oddworld, Rain World, and Roki — they’re phenomenal! 

Add 24 games, with a total worth of $367, for just $20! Get each game for just about $1 each and play through plenty of titles with lots to love either on your PC through Steam or even on the Steam Deck, featuring seven Steam Deck-verified titles and 11 playable ones for you to enjoy on the Steam Deck!

Play on the GO Premium Edition

If you’re looking for something to play on your Steam Deck, we’ve got the perfect bundle for you! With our Play on the GO Premium Edition bundle, you’ll be able to snag up to five whole games for just $14.99, and the titles available really are premium! 

There are all sorts of genres to choose from, too. Whether you want a bloody adventure or a cute and relaxing time, we’ve got you covered. From gory FPS games like DOOM and Wolfenstein — both New Order and Old Blood — to charming, colourful, and cute titles like Haven Park and Patch Quest.

Dollar Collection

If you’re looking for something with less commitment, we’ve also got some options for just that! With our Dollar Collections, not only will you get fantastic titles for a mere $1, but you’ll get them by packs of two or more. This means you won’t get analysis paralysis, but you’ll still be able to pick them up at astounding discounts!

Among the ones we have right now, you can find the Valfaris and Slain: Back From Hell pack, Uncertain 1 and 2 pack, the Town of Light and Apparition double pack, and — if you’re feeling hungry for more — you can even pick up our Juicy Jewels bundle, which gives you 10 whole games for just $1!

Build Your Own Breakout

This one’s great for all of the game collectors out there. Our Breakout bundle comes in three tiers and gives you the opportunity to pick from 20 titles, all of which have never been bundled before! From a slew of hidden gems to overwhelmingly positive titles, there are plenty of items you’ll want to pick up as both a veteran game collector and a newcomer!

Prestige Collection

Our Prestige Collection offers you a chance to snag up to four games from a list of incredible titles! In it you’ll find the likes of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Prey, and Wasteland 3! And if you’re into more indie titles or relaxing genres, you’ll also find Wytchwood, Oaken, and KeyWe among others.

Snatch four of these great games for just $28.99 and mix-and-match whichever ones you like the most! If you’re in the mood for some Skyrim, Bug Fables, Syberia, and Saints Row… well, no one is stopping you!

Bethesda VR Collection

It’s finally time to buy Skyrim — again! Pick up the Bethesda VR Collection, featuring four Bethesda VR titles, and enjoy some of the best RPG titles released by the prestigious company!

Experience the apocalypse first-hand (quite literally) with Fallout 4 VR! Face Deathclaws, super mutants, and find your son in the nuclear world of Fallout 4… just, make sure you get some stimpacks and radaways to help you in your journey.

Though we can’t talk about the best of RPGs without mentioning Skyrim VR, also featured in this bundle! Take bow and arrow at hand and go for the stealth archer build just one more time to face off against dragons, draugr, or get down to nefarious actions by stealing sweet rolls in Whiterun. Finally go to the Cloud District and prove Nazeem wrong… or stab him in the back and join the Dark Brotherhood — it’s up to you!

Build Your Own Quest VR Collection

Finally, the final VR collection is one for those that enjoy the Meta Quest VR with the Build Your Own Quest VR Collection! Choose from four tiers ranging from just two games to a whopping 10 and take your pick from 24 different titles! Then, once you’ve finally built your collection, you can claim these on the Quest and ensure that you can play it anywhere.

Get some high-quality titles for your Quest! Highly-rated games like Ragnarock, IRON GUARD, and Yupitergrad, all of which have been highly adored by all users who reviewed them on the Oculus store. Play solo or in multiplayer, and with various Play Area modes, there is sure to be at least one thing for VR aficionados to try!

Golden Bundle


Now, this isn’t technically a bundle that was released that you can purchase, this is our giveaway for the BundleFest! Get a chance to win our exclusive Golden Bundle; for each individual bundle you purchase, you enter for a prize to win $2,000 worth of PC games!

Buy any bundle between the 1st of May and the 31st of May at 16:30 BST to be entered into the prize draw! All of our bundles, BundleFest and otherwise, apply! Make sure you read out Terms and Conditions here

There you have it! A week chock full of bundles and games to pick up. Make sure you pick them up while stock lasts and get some awesome new entries to your ever-growing Steam collection!

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