All of the V Rising Modes, Player Settings, and Presets

All of the V Rising Modes, Player Settings, and Presets

By  William Brett - 9th May 2023

Meet the modes

All of the V Rising Modes, Player Settings, and Presets

As a multiplayer title, it is only natural that a lot of gamers are going to want to experience V Rising — the open-world RPG vampire game — with all of their undead friends. Although some of Dracula's descendants will venture off into the wilderness and join a hosted server, others will want to face the daylight in a Private server with their own sets of rules — and there are a lot to choose from. To better help inform you of the options, we have stockpiled all of the options you have while hosting your own world exclusively for you, your friends, and perhaps even some strangers…


If you want to be the greatest Vampire in your world and want to prove it with your bloodthirsty skills and undead powers, then you'll want to open your server for PvP, where you and all of the vampires will be able to fight against one another, steal each other's spoils, and reign victorious. Show off your skills by persevering against all manner of foes — human, undead, and natural alike; not even the sun can stop your dominance.

However, if you want to enjoy V Rising as an exploration-driven survival, then PvE mode will be the right one for you. Search the wild with other vampiric creatures (that's what we call friends in the world of V Rising), survive from the sun and build your manor during the daytime, and enjoy the gothic atmosphere in the night-time gameplay of this dark fantasy world. This mode is perfect for jumping with a group of friends and build a coven (that's what a group of vampires is called). F is for Friends who suck blood together!

Player Settings

If you're wondering, "How many people can I play V Rising with?", then the answer is relatively simple — servers can range in size from one player all the way up to 60. This means that play nights with your friends will allow everyone to participate, and several groups and clans can be created for an all-out war against your group of frenemies.

Additionally, you can choose how large clans will be. Whether you want a free-for-all battle or large clans all building a castle, then you will have the option, as you can limit clans anywhere between one and 20! This customisation is perfect for letting everyone create groups, have plenty of them, and even various modes among friends, such as PvP battles or team-based speedruns!

Gaming Presets — PvP

Gaming Presets — PvP

Now that you know more about which of the modes is best for you and your friends to play on, it's time to focus a bit on the presets that both modes have available for you to pick. PvP has 10 different rulesets to choose from:

Standard PvP Rules: this is the 'intended' gameplay difficulty that Stunlock Studios had planned when V Rising was released. This balanced experience is perfect for those who are dipping their toes into the PvP mode — or the game overall — and don't want an experience that is too punishing.

Full Loot PvP Rules: put everything on the line with every fight against the vampires that roam your world with Full Loot PvP Rules, where you will experience a more challenging and hardcore version of the PvP, including being able to attack other's castles even if they aren't decaying and claiming the spoils of war when you win the battle.

Duo PvP: take a loved one into battle and conquer the world together in the Duo PvP rulest, where you will experience settings similar to Full Loot PvP Rules but also have clans (groups) of vampires being limited to only two players. Equal fights mean that your victory will be entirely dependent on your skill.

Solo PvP: if you're more of a lone wolf (don't say that to a vampire), you'll want to take with you the Solo PvP ruleset — here, clans can't be formed, allowing you to fight others without having to fear being ganked by their partner. Become worthy of Dracula himself and climb the ladder all alone.

Standard PvP Easy: while you will be fighting your fellow vampires for control over the world, you will also have to fight the pesky humans and creatures that share this land with you. If you want vampires to rule the world and dominate, then the Standard PvP Easy ruleset is for you — make the living bend to your will by reducing their life and damage and increasing the resource yield you get. In this mode, all enemy units have 25% less life and damage dealt, and all resources give 50% more items.

Standard PvP Hard: earn the fear of your foes with Standard PvP Hard, where not only will your enemies deal more damage and take less, but you will also get fewer resources from the world. Fight for your survival to raise your castle and show your expertise. In this mode, enemies have 25% more health and damage, and V Blood foes gain 25% more health and double damage. All resources give 25% fewer items.

PvP Dawn/Noon/Dusk - Level 30/Level 50/Level 70: not everyone has access to all of the time in the world to play through the entire game in different servers, and not everyone wants to start from the beginning. For those that feel this way, the PvP Dawn, PvP Noon, and PvP Dusk modes are for you.

These three modes offer different starting points for you to jump into your journey at pivotal moments of the game for everyone to have a headstart. Whether you are starting a new run or making a specific server where you need to be late game, you can take advantage of these level boosts to get you started in no time!

PvP Mad Hunt: if you've already played the game and learned the locations, factions, and abilities of the crucial V Blood units, then PvP Mad Hunt will be your saving grace! Experience a brand-new shuffle of your world every time you create a server with this mode to enjoy a different outlook every time you embark on your quest to avoid the experience from going stale.

Gaming Presets — PvE

Gaming Presets — PvE

PvE players also have various rulesets that they can use to be able to jump into the server straight away without worries, though you only have a pick from seven modes instead of 10.

Standard PvE Rules: experience the intended PvE experience with the Standard PvE Rules — the default option. This will ensure that enemies do and take the intended damage for the most authentic run.

Standard PvE Easy: similarly to the Standard PvP Easy mode, show your domination over your enemies and make the world easier to bend to your will, as you will earn 50% more resources and all enemies take and deal 25% less damage. Perfect for those who aren't looking for an experience and just want to enjoy V Rising without worrying.

Standard PvP Hard: If you want a greater challenge, then Standard PvP Hard will offer that for you: the world will yield 25% fewer resources, enemies will test your mettle by having 25% more life and damage, tand the scariest of foes — the V Blood Units — will instead deal double damage. Can you survive this harsh world?

PvE Dawn/Noon/Dusk - Level 30/50/70: there are many reasons you might want to jump into V Rising ahead a couple of levels. Whether you're preparing a new world for the upcoming Secrets of Gloomrot, don't have the time to play through all of them, or merely want to run a fun server and skip the early levels, then the PvE Dawn, PvE Noon, and PvE Dusk modes will be for you.

As the name suggests, these modes let you start your journey ahead by 30, 50, and 70 levels, respectively, so you can skip chunks of content you aren't interested in. Whether due to personal restrictions or other reasons, this is the perfect mode to get ahead and not worry about the early grind.

PvE Mad Hunt: if you've already explored the world several times and know the map by memory, then the PvE Mad Hunt mode will be for you — all of the essential characters in the game — the V Blood units — will have a new location, faction, and ability rewards to let you start an all-new journey, as if for the first time.

These are just the basic server modifications you can make in V Rising, but if you’re more advanced or want a customised experience, make sure you check out the Advanced Settings as well for even more in-depth customisation!

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