All You Need to Know About the Red Hot Sale Bonus Scratchcard

All You Need to Know About the Red Hot Sale Bonus Scratchcard

By  Violet Plata - 19th Jun 2024

From pricing to prizes!

All You Need to Know About the Red Hot Sale Bonus Scratchcard

As veterans of our community know, we don't just have incredible discounts during our sales — we usually also run giveaways or competitions as well as other bonuses, like scratchcards! Today, we'd like to talk about the latter, as they are currently available with our Red Hot Sale.

In order to maximise what you get for finding cool games to take home at a discount, we've made it so that every order over $12 gets a scratchcard added! Note, however, that there's a maximum of one per order, and they must be claimed by the 21st of July at 23:59 BST.

In them, you'll find some really cool prizes, from beloved AAA titles to phenomenal indies or a coupon to spend at our store; you won't go away empty-handed! As a sneak peek at what sort of goodies you can expect, we've got Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut, Dragon's Dogma 2, Last Epoch, and Manor Lords, among other fantastic games! Stay tuned throughout the weeks to learn more about the additional Star Prizes, too!

If you'd like to learn more about our Red Hot Sale, including where to find some of our best deals, don't forget to check out our blog post that covers all of that! And if you're excited and can't wait to hear about the upcoming events and all that, then we want to remind you about our communication channels! We've got a newsletter, a browser extension (that, aside from automatically adding coupons, will also give you some great perks, including exclusive discounts), and our social media accounts, where we keep everyone up-to-date on the latest!

Find us here:

We'll see you there! Have a fantastic day, and thank you for joining us on yet another sale! See you on the discount page. 

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