Atomic Heart Edition Differences

Atomic Heart Edition Differences

By  Luz Victoria - 21st Feb 2023

And which one should you choose?

Atomic Heart Edition Differences

Atomic Heart is out now and smiting people with its Utopian world! This brand-new open-world adventure by Mundfish will get you straight into the action with a uniquely familiar setting! But before you can start your adventure across this new setting, you'll first need to decide which edition you want to pick up from two — Standard and Premium editions.

Standard Edition

Start your adventure in Atomic Heart by taking control of Alekseyvich Nechaev, an augmented soldier who will embark on a journey to escape the destruction and havoc that the robot threat and mutations have brought upon the world. This horror mystery adventure will have you embarking on a quest to fight against the robot threat that has turned erratic and is destroying everything in its wake.

Survive against all odds with just your augmentation, a slew of blades, and futuristic weaponry as you hack, slash, and shoot through waves of unique foes, each with unique playstyles and hard-hitting abilities. Can you survive the unforgiving and violent threat that has turned your life upside down?

By purchasing the Standard edition, you will get the following items:

  • Atomic Heart

Premium Edition

Jump into the apocalyptic Utopian paradise looking dapper and more ready than ever with the Premium edition!

Included with the Atomic Heart pass is the Midas glove, a golden skin for Alekseyvich with a golden glove primed to use his freezing, burning, and electrifying his foes. Also included in the pass are the four upcoming DLC, which are coming soon and will provide even more experience! 

Spruce up your wardrobe even more with the Golden Age Weapon Skin Pack, featuring two golden skins for some of Alekseyvich's arsenal: the AK and Zvezdochka Axe!

Finally, if you love the art direction for Atomic Heart, then consider picking up the Premium edition for its Digital Artbook inclusion! Go behind the scenes and discover early sketches, concept art, unused assets, and much more with in-depth information from the developers! Explore the Utopian world from its barebones beginning — pen and paper.

By purchasing the Premium Edition, you get the following items: 

  • Atomic Heart
  • Midas Glove DLC (Atomic Heart Pass)
  • Four upcoming DLC (Atomic Heart Pass)
  • Golden AK (Atomic Heart - Golden Age Weapon Skin Pack DLC)
  • Golden Zvezdochka Axe (Atomic Heart - Golden Age Weapon Skin Pack DLC)

Atomic Heart - Digital Artbook

Now you're an Atomic Heart editions expert! If you've found the right one for you, make sure you pick up your copy, be it the Premium Edition or otherwise, and get your journey started!

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