New Autonauts Update

New Autonauts Update

By  Katie Thompson - 12th Feb 2020

The robot colony game Autonauts, is now powered by steam!

New Autonauts Update

Autonauts the agricultural, simulation, crafting and building game from developer Denki, got a shiny new expansion pack this month. And if your robot overlord needs were not completely satisfied with the original base game, then this addition has you covered!

Your main goal in Autonauts is to inhabit a planet, and create a colony of automated robot workers. Seems straightforward enough? However, actually achieving that is a little more challenging. Players need to program their bots to be able to efficiently navigate finding natural resources to build tools, then build farms, to rear animals to get wool, to make clothes and so on and so forth. The game received a free update in 2019 which gave players new features such as bot variants and new cooking options. However the ‘Industrial Revolution pack brings much more to the game.

The ‘Steam Age’ update (not to be confused with popular gaming platform) titled ‘Industrial Revolution’, allows players to now evolve to level 5 where their needs now include health. With resources like water and coal in greater demand now, the best way for players to meet their needs is through steam technology.

Metal will start to overshadow wood as the key resource in this automated world. This means better metal processing (smelting, forging and casting), better metal parts, tools, machinery, bots and, most importantly (yes, you guessed it) - steam power! 

New additions to the game include a steam hammer, paper mill, a printing press and a Jacquard power loom. There is also a memory upgrade so your robots can carry out more advanced actions.

With coal and water still being critical resources here, you will need Minecarts and a decent rail network to assist in the transportation of goods to keep your world running smoothly, and your bot workers happy.

The update, which launched 6th February, now also includes mod support via the Steam Workshop, and also adds two new categories to the Pyramid to Transcendence - Health and Education.

For a full list of updates see below:

New Modding Support
Players can now upload and download custom scripts, upgrades, buildings and other content to the game via Steam Workshop.

New Train Networks
For the first time players can build advanced rail networks and infrastructure to ferry goods and resources around their expanding colonies

20 different new structures and 4 new core vehicles including Train Engine and multiple freight options

New Colonist Evolution
Expand the evolution of your colonists with the addition of two entirely new categories on the in-game ‘Pyramid to Transcendance’: Health and Education. Make use of leeches and flowers to dispense medicinal aid to sick colonists and ensure they continue generating Wuv, and raise their undernourished intellect with books.

New Tools & Upgrades

Steam Hammer, Jacquard Power Loom, Super Backpack to store more items, Memory Upgrade so bots can perform more advanced routines, Printing Press & a Paper Mill

New Housing
Two-Storey Brick House and Mansion

Suitably Dickensian attire
Shirt and Tie, Coat and Scarf, Blazer and Cravat

New Toys
Horse and Carriage

Autonauts update trailer

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