Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Getting a New Free Expansion

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Getting a New Free Expansion

By  Violet Plata - 24th Apr 2024

Get the balls rolling!

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Getting a New Free Expansion

While Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is already a formidable title, boasting an Overwhelmingly Positive score on Steam with 3,493 reviews at the time of writing, this upcoming free expansion by Exir Plan Games is making it bigger and better! For those who might not know it yet, this charming open-world platformer comes to us from the developer Exit Plan Games and publishers Untold Tales and CouchPlay Interactive.

In it, players get to jump from destructible world to destructible world alone or with up to three friends (including even split-screen co-op for two players). What makes it so charming — aside from the breathtaking graphics — is the comedic spin each "slightly inaccurate" historically-themed world offers! Find the collectibles scattered throughout the different areas and use them to customise your character to bring (or break) the immersion even more.

But enough about what the base game has to offer — let's get into everything coming with the free expansion, which is a lot! Starting off, players will be able to explore a whole new map to explore, the Wild West, and it'll have a whopping five new regions, each with their own sub-regions, too! Mexico, Saloon City, Oil Fields, Beaver Town, and Gold Mines bring more than just silly fun to be had with robbing banks and riding rail carts or horses, as players and their friends will even be able to rob banks and find the 80 new items available.

Among the new collectibles are new weapons to bring chaos with a lasso, revolver, shotgun, bow and arrow, TNT crates, and even a tomahawk! Thank goodness, too, as there are four new bosses and mini-bosses to overcome.

If all of this new free stuff sounds like fun, don't forget to check out Bang-On Balls: Chronicles on the 10th of May, as that's when the expansion becomes available! See you on the flip side. 

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