Batman: Arkham Knight 'Man-Bat' jump scare - How to find it

Batman: Arkham Knight 'Man-Bat' jump scare - How to find it

By  Sam Jones - 19th Jul 2019

Quick guide on how to complete the Creature of the Night side quest

Batman: Arkham Knight 'Man-Bat' jump scare - How to find it

It was a moment in Batman: Arkham Knight that made most of us jump out of our bat skins - an "oh crap, my heart hurts" moment for us anyway.

Of course, we're referring to the visit from our friend Man-Bat - seriously, that's what he's known as. For those who aren't familiar with the ins and outs of the DC Comics universe and its colorful characters, Man-Bat is the alter ego of Dr. Kirk Langstrom, a zoologist who develops an extract to give human's bat-like sonar senses.

Like most supervillains, he tests the serum on himself, which has horrific side effects and turns him into a man-sized bat. As part of the Most Wanted side quests in Arkham Knight, the Caped Crusader is given a list of villains to track down, with Man-Bat being one of them.

This winged beast must be stopped, so it's up to old Bats here to take him down and bring him in. Below, we go into more details on how you can complete the Creature of the Night quest.

The Gamer's Little Playground YouTube channel has put together a great round-up of how to complete the side quest, but if you like a good old read or can't watch the video right now for whatever reason, here's a step by step guide.

The begin the Creature of the Night mission, you'll need to head to Miagani Island. It's not clear where he will exactly strike, but you'll come face to ugly face with Man-Bat when you grapple off the top of a building in this area - enjoy!

Using Batman's Detective Vision (when the screen looks like a scene out of the Predator movies) you'll be able to hear Man-Bat's screeches and use this to locate him flying around. Simply glide into him (recommended from above) and Batman will begin tackling him to the ground before using one of his handy gadgets to retrieve a blood sample.

Next, you'll need to find a lab tucked away in Gotham City's Bleake Island area. Players will need to look for a small alleyway located near the bridge towards Ace Chemicals.

Once inside, Batman must access the computer and reconstruct the DNA. This is pretty straight forward and, once the DNA is aligned, you'll have your Man-Bat cure.


Your next encounter with Man-Bat will occur after you've infiltrated the Stagg Airships in the main storyline, where you'll find him flying around Bleake Island. Once again, Batman will tackle him before injecting the cure serum - but it's not over yet!

The third and final encounter with the winged beast will happen after players have stopped the Assault on Panessa Studios, only this time Man-Bat is seen/heard flying around the skyscrapers of Founders' Island. Once you've tackled him and injected the last shot of serum, Man-Bat will be out for the 'count' (little vampire pun for you there).

Batman loads Man-Bat into the back of the Batmobile like an unwanted rug, and players will then have to drive to GCPD where the pesky beast will be put in isolation. Another criminal off the streets, and one less villain to worry about as you continue your mission to rid Gotham City of evil!

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