Winter Sale

Winter Sale

By  Luz Victoria - 8th Dec 2023

The Winter Sale is Here!

Winter Sale

Happy Monday, Fanaticals! We're glad to see you back in our blog today — whichever day you tuned in! As the 11th of December is now here, it's time for us to start up the sale with all of the types of things you've come to expect from us. We've got deals, we've got steals, and we've got gifts, which is basically everything Christmas is about, right? Find below the information for everything you need to know about the sale to get started!

Fanatical Winter Sale — 11th of December – 31st of December

No, you're not reading that wrong — this is a very long sale! Running from the 11th of December until the 31st of December, you will be able to find a slew of great deals, with thousands of options to choose from and hundreds of publishers joining in on the holiday cheer.

Some might say that this 21-day sale will last a whole year, and they wouldn't be wrong! You can enjoy deals releasing over the time period, featuring all sorts of great items, new AAA titles, some of the best indie games, and more! Though we won't have a daily Flash Deal like we have been doing for the last few sales, we'll be sure to keep more Star Deals coming every 48 hours, including some of the best deals you'll be able to find!

And even though BundleFestive was just last week, that doesn't mean we're done! We still have more bundles coming out, even if they're not daily. You can expect more deals to get throughout the rest of the year — we're not stopping for this holiday season! 

Pay Over $12 Promotion

Each purchase you make that is above $12 will net you a free gift from us — be it a choice of games, a mystery title, or even a $1 voucher, you'll get a little something extra for your support. This counts for all sorts of purchases, including bundles, deals, software & ebook, etc.! You can even go back to previous deals we've had in bundles to get a look at more stuff to purchase.

This promotion is available per order, meaning that you can get it as many times as you want over the course of the sale. But, it's worth noting that it isn't for every $12 spent, as a $24 order will still get you only one choice rather than two.

If you're wondering which is the best way to browse our store, we have a few categories that might help you! Find them below:

On Sale: Looking for all of the deals in one place? This is where you can find everything that has even a 1% discount!

Top Sellers: If you're the type of person that likes finding the deals all of your fellow Fanaticals enjoy, then peruse our Top Sellers, featuring up to the top 50 deals site-wide!

Under $10: If you only have a bit of spending money on your pocket — or want to buy a cheap game to try — then you can find everything that has a total price of under $10 here!

Under $5: Or, you can use our Under $5 category to find even cheaper titles! 

Bundles: You shouldn't miss out on our Bundles section — you can sort this by Top Sellers, Latest Deals, Ending Soon, and even Price, so you can choose what sorts of things we're going to feature, and with more bundles coming up, you should never miss out on finding which was the latest bundle released!

Best of 2023: The year is coming to a close, so you can already see some of the best 2023 games that were released sorted by either their Metascore, Best Discount, or Lowest Price!

If you're the type of person who loves a specific publisher, then you can even browse through their publisher-specific section on our site, too! From CAPCOM to Team17 and even Jackbox Games (because there really is no better time to play Jackbox than the holidays), you can find all publishers on our store with their respective pages. This will give you a view of all of their games for you to browse through at your leisure!

12 Days of Christmas

We know that, technically, the 12 days of Christmas starts after Christmas... but we've been doing it like this for so long that we're forgiven, right?

Starting today, you can find a daily gift from us to you! Whether it's contests, giveaways, or even discount coupons, there is going to be something going on until the 22nd of December on Friday, giving you a total of 12 things to find out about!

If you want to learn more about what is already available and how to participate, you can check out our blog on the 12 days of Christmas right here!

That's all we have for the Winter Sale! If you love everything, then consider signing up for our newsletter, where you can get all of the best deals delivered to you! Or you could also get our Fanatical PC Game Price Comparison browser extension, which can help you while browsing other stores to find if games are on a discount in our own or if it's in a bundle! There's a lot more you can do with it, so we recommend checking the blog for that, too!

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