Best Games of 2023

Best Games of 2023

By  Dylan Pamintuan - 15th Dec 2023

Finish this year off right with these amazing games.

Best Games of 2023

2023 has been an amazing year for games. We’ve been spoiled for choice since January and it might seem a little intimidating. Don’t worry, we have your back here, so here are some of the best games you can buy here on Fanatical.

Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

In this smaller, more personal adventure, Kiryu Kazuma has sacrificed everything for his loved ones, yet still ends up drawn to the criminal underworld. Bringing back the classic beat ‘em up combat, prepare for 2024’s Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth and close the penultimate chapter Kiryu’s story off right.

Hi-Fi Rush

Move and attack to the beat in this rhythmic character action game. Featuring great artists like Nine Inch Nails and The Prodigy, if you haven’t played one the most surprising games to shadow drop in January, you are definitely missing out.


A personal choice, Cusineer tasks you with running a restaurant, However, in lieu of a market, you go on adventures to beat monsters and collect ingredients. This dungeon crawler and restaurant simulator is perfect for the foodies. Warning: You will get hungry after a good play session.

American Arcadia

This narrative driven puzzle game deserves more attention. Play through an extraordinary story about a very ordinary man as he discovers his entire life has been nothing but a reality show being filmed 24/7 across the world and his journey to live a real life. Has some stellar talent such as Yuri Lowentha, Krizia Bajos, and Cissy Jones.

Robocop: Rogue City

Featuring Peter Weller reprising his role as Robocop, experience a faithful new story set between the films Robocop 2 and Robocop 3. Serve the public trust (by shooting), protect the innocent (shooting even more), and uphold the law (by doing actual police work…and shooting).

These are only a few of the hundreds of great games available for sale on Fanatical and the games listed might not be for you. So why not discover some yourself using this link here or by browsing through the selection yourself.

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