Best Games to Get in Killer Bundle 28

Best Games to Get in Killer Bundle 28

By  Martin Heath - 21st Dec 2023

The All Killer No Filler Thriller is here, and it feels like Christmas!

Best Games to Get in Killer Bundle 28

The Killer Bundle is always one to look forward to, as it, more often than not, contains at least one game I’ve really wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to playing, and it’s often even cheaper! This time around, the Killer Bundle 28 lives up to the All Killer No Filler tagline, as it offers some interesting titles to pick from, with genres running the gambit from tense solo experiences to fun with friends! Though I like all the games listed, here are a few I’m personally excited to get!


Genre: first-person shooter, survival horror

Developer: Arkane Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Prey is one of those games I was really interested in when it was released. A space station filled with shape-changing monsters, mind-bending abilities, and an arsenal of weapons seemed like a match made in heaven! But for one reason or another, I never picked up the title, and it always seemed either too expensive or just not worth it. Now, however, with being a part of a big bundle priced lower than the game by itself, my doubts are melting away!

Set in the Talos I space station in an alternate timeline, you take on the role of Morgan Yu, the key subject in an experiment to advance humans beyond their current limitations. Things go awry, as they do, and now it’s you vs. a veritable horde of aliens. Use your wits, find your preferred set of equipment and abilities, and find the secrets of both Talos I and yourself!

Mortal Shell

Genre: soulslike, action

Developer: Cold Symmetry
Publisher: Playstack

Mortal Shell may seem like a pretty basic DARK SOULS clone on the surface, and though the general elements of a soulslike game are there, writing it off is a mistake. How the title differs from the usual recipe is the fact that you do not have levels per se. Instead, you have a collection of Shells (hence the title), which have a set array of stats, skills and weapons. It is with these resources that you must take on the foes of the land, finding the right set to take on each threat. 

Though this may seem annoying at first, you can find upgrades for your weapons, which also unlock new skills. The Shells are also not all available at the start, requiring you to explore and find them yourself! Knowing that you’re always at the level you should be in terms of damage and health is a welcome change, and really helps you focus on the mechanics instead of the numbers. This is, however, in no way an easy game, so be warned!

Arcade Paradise

Genre: simulator, adventure

Developer: Nosebleed Interactive
Publisher: Wired Productions

Arcade Paradise is possibly the oddest pick of the bunch, but it's also one I’m possibly the most excited for. In this simulator title, you decide to turn your boring laundromat into an amazing arcade! Pick out machines to add, keep them running, and reap the rewards in order to grow to the heights of an Arcade Paradise!

While it may seem like a pretty bare-bones simulator title, the fact that there are 35 different arcade games with their own little stories and missions makes this title stand out! And to top it off, you can even play with or against your friends to set those high scores. If you aren't sold yet, the voice of Geralt of Rivia, Doug Cockle, plays the part of your disapproving father! 

Kingdom: New Lands

Genre: side scroller, survival

Developer: Noio
Publisher: Raw Fury

The Kingdom series has slowly evolved and expanded during the last decade, starting off from a simple side-scrolling game about protecting your kingdom to leading a rag-tag group of ‘ 90s kids to an overrun mall. The blueprint for the game is deceptively simple: build walls, gather resources, battle enemies, and upgrade. What sounds like a recipe for boredom quickly becomes an obsession you find yourself playing in the dark hours of the night!

Kingdom: New Lands is a re-release of the first Kingdom game with much more content and islands to explore. If you haven’t had a chance to lose yourself in this beautiful, but still humorous, pixel art title, now is as good a time as any! Just keep that crown on.


Genre: puzzle, horror

Developer: Unfold Games
Publisher: Unfold Games

This pick is not for the faint of heart! DARQ tells the story of Lloyd, a dreamer who has realised they are dreaming! Sounds fantastic, right? Well, it is, until Lloyd realises his dreams are quickly becoming nightmares and any attempt to wake up fails. As one might expect, the visuals of this game are a sight to behold, filled to the brim with, what else, nightmarish creatures and mercurial landscapes. Use the fact that you are dreaming to your advantage and bend the world to your needs! Though, beware, the beings that inhabit these nightmares are way beyond your capabilities! So plan well and walk slowly. Otherwise, Lloyd may not be getting up ever again.

Surgeon Simulator 2

Genre: simulator

Developer: Bossa Studios
Publisher: tinyBuild

The final pick I chose was the ever-hilarious Surgeon Simulator 2! The field of medicine and the lives of surgeons are filled with tough calls, which is why I stayed as far away from it as possible. I sometimes do, however, dream of what it would be like, which is why it’s good that games like this exist!

Much like its predecessor, Surgeon Simulator 2 puts you in ever more stressful and wacky situations in which you are to perform delicate surgery, such as a heart transplant. The game uses something akin to physics, so whacking the patient with a scalpel may indeed send their head, legs, or arms flying, leaving you to clean up the mess! Thankfully, these patients are quite resilient, and something as minor as decapitation will simply lower their blood pressure until the matter is resolved. My favourite thing about the game, however, is the co-op. Doing a surgery by myself is hard enough, but having three other idiots in the room swinging about playing volleyball with the replacement heart is a recipe for both disaster and an evening well spent!

And there you have it! These six titles are the ones I was most excited for in the latest Killer Bundle, though they are by no means the only good games to be found! Check out the bundle and find a bunch of new games to try or some old favourites to give to friends. Tis the season, after all!

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