Boost Your Gaming & More PC Bundle

Boost Your Gaming & More PC Bundle

By  Andrew Duncan - 31st Jan 2024

Boost that gamin'!

Boost Your Gaming & More PC Bundle

Fanatical’s Boost Your Gaming & More PC Bundle is a collection of highly effective and user-friendly applications designed to enhance and streamline your digital life. This package includes nine intuitive software that each serve a unique purpose, from maintaining system health to managing passwords, spread across three tiers so that you can get what you need for a great price.

We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the better programs for gamers, since you’ve probably come here looking for games and found a much wider selection of games, elearning, and (of course) software than you were expecting! The full bundle includes nine programs, but here are three of the most important ones:

PCFresh optimises your computer's performance when you feel it’s taking a bit longer than usual to load into a game. It allows you to adjust the services and startup programmes to suit your needs, making your system faster and more efficient.

WashAndGo is a system cleaning tool that removes unnecessary files and frees up storage space on your computer. Everyone has those stubborn games that refuse to remove everything properly, so it enhances your system's performance by deleting old, redundant files and keeps your hard drive clutter-free.

ScreenVideo is a robust screen recording software that offers high-quality recording of your full monitor, part of the screen, or a full screen game! This tool is perfect for creating tutorials, recording webinars, or capturing gameplay in up to 4K resolution.

The Boost Your Gaming & More PC Bundle truly takes care of all your computer needs, even the non-gaming ones. This bundle is not just a collection of software; it's a one-stop solution for all your digital requirements.

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