Best Party Games to Gift Someone

Best Party Games to Gift Someone

By  Martin Heath - 5th Nov 2023

The Giftiest Games in the Partiest of Genres

Best Party Games to Gift Someone

The Jackbox Party Pack 10

Genre: Casual, Rhythm, Trivia

With its easy to learn and fun games, to its intuitive browser-based gameplay, The Jackbox Party Pack is a staple of any gathering, be it in person or online! With the latest iteration, you can try being a T-shirt designer for a day with TEE K.O. 2, take on trivia in Timejinx and even compose a classic in Dodo Re Mi! With a game to fit most tastes, The Jackbox Party Pack 10 is sure to elevate a memorable party into a legendary night!

Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game

Genre: Mystery, Board Game

Someone has been murdered and it's up to you and your rag-tag team of psychics to commune with the spirit of the departed to catch their killer! In Mysterium: A Psychic Clue Game one player takes on the role of the ghost, while other players are investigators. Denied all other forms of communication, the ghost must try to lead the investigators to pick the correct person, item, and room with the use of dream-like images alone. A great way to test friendships and laugh about results and misinterpretations, Mysterium is a perfect addition to any game night!

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 

Genre: Puzzle, Casual

Sometimes a good party needs good competition, and what better way to settle a few scores than challenging each other in Tetris and Puyo Puyo! In Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, take on up to four friends in either game or a fusion of both! You can even take part in RPG inspired skill battles or put your differences aside and co-operate in the new Boss Raid mode! While fun alone or online, nothing beats dropping that massive combo and grinning at your, up until now, friends!


Genre: Base Building, Exploration. RPG

Bomberman is one of those classic retro PVP games that aged like fine wine. The simple premise, blow up enemies, don’t get blown up, is simple to pick up but deceptively hard to master! With the newest instalment in the party battle game series, SUPER BOMBERMAN R 2 provides this classic fun, with the addition of new modes to try out! Build your defences and take on invaders or team up to take on other teams! It even has a Battle Royale mode and a story!

King of the Castle  

Genre: Casual, Strategy

Featuring the same browser-based gameplay as The Jackbox, King of the Castle pits one player against their friends as the Monarch. Rule your lands and seek to find an heir while your subjects connive and plan to place their own people on the throne! Featuring multiple factions and events, some of which span multiple seasons, this game is a great way to both spend an evening and break once strong bonds of friendship! All is fair in politics, after all.

Tabletop Simulator

Genre: Simulator

During the last few years of isolation and social distancing, Tabletop Simulator proved to be an invaluable tool to keep our board game itches scratched without leaving the comforts of our own home! At its core, the game is a simple simulator of a tabletop, with mechanics to flip cards, roll dice, and flip the table. So everything you’d need! The real magic of the game comes when you realise almost any and all board and card games can be replicated within! So gather your friends, pick a game and get gaming! Oh, and you have a button to actually clean up that whole “flipped table” nonsense, which real life sorely lacks

Moving Out 2 

Genre: Puzzle, Simulation

Moving house is always a chore and a half, so it’s very nice to hire a team of  professionals to take care of your valuables in a careful, controlled manner. In Moving Out 2, you and your friends are this team! Use any means necessary to meet your goals and get all the furniture in your van, be it chucking a chair through the window, or forming a human chain to get that heavy urn outside! This physics-based puzzler is a fun way to let off some steam and bounce a bed off an umbrella onto the back of your van.


Genre: Card game, Board game

Wingspan is a game about birds. Hatching birds, learning about birds, and building the ultimate combo of skills and passives with the help of birds! In this casual and chill game, your goal is to attract birds into your area while completing goals and collecting points! Hear the songs of each bird as you play and learn their unique habits and behaviours. While simple on the surface, this board game can be surprisingly complex, so don’t count your Eastern Bluebirds before they hatch!

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale

Genre: Casual, Rhythm

We’ve all seen game shows where a veritable crowd of people compete in all kinds of challenges in order to be the final winner! This form of competition has seen its rise in popularity in video games as well, with titles such as Fall Guys and the many other Battle Royale titles. Headbangers: Rhythm Royale takes this fun format and asks the daring question: what if everyone was a pigeon? Test your reflexes and reactions in 23 different musical minigames, customise your bird to be the cream of the flock and go home a champion!

Human Fall Flat 

Genre: Puzzle Platformer

Sometimes, all you want to do with your friends is go on an adventure. In Human Fall Flat, you can do just that! Take on physics-based platforming challenges, operate heavy machinery, and figure out your own way to solve the myriad of puzzles on offer. While these factors in themselves can be the makings of a great night with friends, the wobbly gameplay of Human Fall Flat will add a dash of unexpected and often unintentional humour that you will be remembering for weeks to come!

And there you have it, 10 titles to add a bit of mirth to any evening, or create lasting rivalries to echo through the ages! We hope you found a few new ideas to add to your future gifting needs.

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