Fanatical Gift Guide - Best Steam Co-op Games to Gift Someone This Holiday

Fanatical Gift Guide - Best Steam Co-op Games to Gift Someone This Holiday

By  Dane Townsend - 18th Nov 2022

Here’s some great gifts in the spirit of jolly cooperation!

Fanatical Gift Guide - Best Steam Co-op Games to Gift Someone This Holiday

We all like a bit of head-to-head action and lone wolfing, but maybe you want to give somebody a game that’s a bit more wholesome or collaborative. Or maybe you’re just a sadist who wants to see a friendship fall apart. Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of five excellent co-operative experiences that’ll make for a great Xmas present this winter!


Maybe not a wise choice for those with thalassophobia (Fear of the ocean), Barotrauma is a crew-based game set on the moon Europa, in the water beneath the ice of the planet. You and your crew control a submarine tasked with various missions beneath the depths, and you each take on specific tasks managing the ship. The game encourages teamwork and there’s a very unique sense of victory from overcoming odds as a result, as each duty is arguably equally important. If you’re in the mood for a more mellow and slow-burning experience, give this one a shot!



Another great co-op shooter you can try out with your friends is PAYDAY 2. Although this one doesn't have zombies, it does have freaky clown masks you can get! Invite up to three friends to join you in doing some crime. Choose which of the available jobs (and by that, we mean crimes) you'd like to do, and then head off to work together and pull off a perfect heist!

Borderlands 2

Whilst there’ve been a few entries into the series after it, and many other games that have attempted to ape its success, Borderlands 2 remains a standout co-op FPS. Gearbox Software really perfected the formula in the second game, with a massively entertaining villain in Handsome Jack and a great cast of playable characters. The depth in replayability and build options are a joy to experiment with, and the fun only increases with more people.

Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is a fantastic game to pick up with a group of friends! Not only are zombie first-person shooter titles a ton of fun due to the chaos and challenge, but Turtle Rock Studios is the team behind the beloved Left 4 Dead franchise. 

Choose one of the 12 survivors (known as Cleaners in this title), and venture forth with your friends to shoot hordes of zombies down. The game will stay fresh for you and your group of buddies, as there are also tons of special infected that are stronger than the average enemies (such as the Snitchers, Exploders, Bruisers, Hag... well, you get the point; there are a ton)! These really add a nice oomph of challenge to the game to keep it from going stale.

Gotham Knights

Jump into Gotham Knights with a friend! Batman is dead, and it’s up to the Bat Family — Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood — to take up the mantle of the defender of the city. Jump into the streets of Gotham City with a friend and take control of one of the four characters to see if you can face some of Batman’s most formidable foes — will you be able to defeat Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, and The Court of Owls? 

There’s a whole load of co-op games out there, but these were just some of our favourites. Hopefully a few on the list caught your eye, and will help to make your holidays extra special! Find out how to send a gift here!

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