Fanatical Gift Guide - Best Steam VR Games to Gift Someone this Holiday

Fanatical Gift Guide - Best Steam VR Games to Gift Someone this Holiday

By  Niall Cawley - 18th Nov 2022

Got friends or family that love VR gaming? Check out our list of virtual stocking-fillers.

Fanatical Gift Guide - Best Steam VR Games to Gift Someone this Holiday

Although virtual reality gaming is still in its infancy, that doesn't mean there isn't a wide selection of games currently available for the platform. From explosive action to eerie horror (and every genre in-between), there is guaranteed to be something out there that either you or a loved one can enjoy. Our list will cover five great picks from the world of VR, ideal as a gift for Christmas 2022.

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot

Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot is a first-person shooter, set in an alternative 1980s, where the Nazi war machine crushed the Allies and won the Second World War. The player is one such literal machine — a combat android — now reprogrammed and repurposed by the French Resistance to slaughter Nazis rather than serve them. It's an over-the-top action game where the player gets to obliterate everything in their path; what's not to like?

Also, fear not, as although it's a first-person experience, movement is not fixed to an "on rails" style, and the player can move around freely. It's a must-play for those that enjoy mech-control games!

A similar game to this, that is also worth checking out, is Battlezone - Gold Edition. A reimagining of the original 1980 classic, Battlezone - Gold Edition requires the player control a tank in a neon-lit Tron-like landscape. This game reduces the HUD elements in favour of projecting realistic readouts around the cockpit instead.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Next, we have The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, a truly massive open-world, role-playing game! In this game, the player finds themselves in the role of the destined Dragonborn (a warrior with a mysterious lineage) and they must traverse the open fields, thick woodland, and snow-capped mountains of Skyrim. Skyrim is home to the Nords, a race of broad and hearty Viking-like folk, but no such race restriction is applied to the player; they're free to choose and customise the character how they want — choosing from any of the game's varied races. Players are also not restricted to a playstyle either! Whether they wish to be a sneaky assassin, an iron-clad warrior, a powerful magic caster, or even a combination of all of those — that, like many aspects of this game, is a choice for the player to make. 

Now, don't worry about this being the fifth entry in the Elder Scrolls series, as that doesn't matter in the slightest. While the lore is consistent and well written throughout the franchise's varied media, nicely linking the games together, Skyrim VR is otherwise not reliant on any of it to be coherent. It really is a great game for those that love deep story-driven RPGs.

However, if your gift recipient isn't into high fantasy, but still enjoys vast open worlds, then I recommend checking out Fallout 4 VR instead. This is another game from Bethesda (the developer behind Skyrim), but this time the setting is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi-themed wasteland. Similarly to Skyrim VR, Fallout 4 VR doesn't require the player to have prior series knowledge in order to enjoy; it is a completely standalone story.


Videogames hit differently in VR, and a horror title is no exception. Narcosis is a survival story, with heavy horror elements, that sees the player stuck down in the claustrophobic depths of the Pacific Ocean. Left stranded after an accident, the player must escape the ocean floor before their oxygen (and their sanity) runs out. Narcosis is ultimately a decent time for those that like horror. However, due to its emphasis on story and its light puzzle elements, it may also satisfy those that like walking simulators. 

Beware the giant spider crab!

If you don't feel comfortable gifting spooks and scares to your friends and family this Christmas, you may want to look over DeepStates as an alternative. DeepStates is a walking sim-style, world-exploration game. Pick from one of six currently available landscapes and wander them to your heart's content soaking up the scenery; the player can even alter the world perimeters to change the look and feel of each world.

Arizona Sunshine

There's something about blasting zombies that's super satisfying, and Arizona Sunshine allows you to do just that — in fact, that is its primary focus. Arizona Sunshine was built from the ground up as a first-person shooter survival experience and as such it not only has over 25 realistic weapons currently present in game, but also a full narrative structure — delivered in bite-sized chunks that, when pieced together, make a whole story. Set in the zombie-ridden southwest, Arizona Sunshine allows the player, and up to three other friends, to embark on a mission to save their skins; players need to loot, shoot, and survive, ultimately attempting to escape the sun-baked land of the dead.

Zombieland: Headshot Fever is a decent alternative (or addition) if you have a friend or family member interested in them. Heavily inspired by classic arcade-style light-gun games, Zombieland: Headshot Fever brings with it everything that genre embodies — rewarding the quick and the accurate. This fast-paced shooter has a plethora of weapons to utilise and a scoreboard to show off your zombie-slaying skills.

All the games mentioned in this article are available through Fanatical right now, and can make great gifts this Christmas. Find out how to send a gift here! Please, carefully check the VR support tab and the requirements before committing.

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