Best Two Player Remote Play Games To Play with Friends and Family for Valentines Day

Best Two Player Remote Play Games To Play with Friends and Family for Valentines Day

By  Erin McAllister - 14th Feb 2023

Because not everyone who wants the couch co-op experience can be there in-person.

Best Two Player Remote Play Games To Play with Friends and Family for Valentines Day

With the World Wide Web, many multiplayer games have shifted towards a more online audience, designed around requiring each player to own the title they wish to play and giving everyone their own full screen of information. This somewhat leaves behind the more classic approach of split-screen multiplayer and other such traditional “on the couch” experiences. However, with Steam’s Remote Play Together in play, people across the globe can sit down and enjoy that style of gameplay even without everyone owning a copy.

Simply put, if you, a friend, a frenemy, a rival, a stranger on the internet, or a special someone owns a copy of a multiplayer title, you — or they — can run it on a given device and invite a variety of other players to join in as if they were playing right there in the same room, either with their keyboard or controller at home. It’s as easy as that! And, with that in mind, here are a few good ideas of games that can be quite enjoyable with two players utilising this amazing innovation.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

When I personally hear “two player title,” my mind immediately jumps to fighting games! They offer a fantastically visceral experience and an excellent way to blow off steam with a friend or an incredibly detailed learning opportunity to better understand how it all works. One of the best experiences in the genre at the moment has got to be Guilty Gear -Strive-, the latest dramatic entry in the beloved series.

-Strive- features an absolutely incredibly detailed tutorial and a variety of characters to sink your teeth into — with even more unlocked through the Ultimate Edition (such as the impeccable yo-yo master herself, Bridget), but all that goodness comes with a justifiably hefty price tag. Thankfully, with Remote Play involved, you only need to get one copy of this marvellous Guilty Gear entry to enjoy duking it out with a friend.

Monster Prom

Now, while high-octane fun can be quite the good time for any pair, sometimes it helps to throw in a bit of romance and/or comedy. Monster Prom is a very unique multiplayer dating sim where up to four players can compete to garner the attentions of a variety of attractive monsters before the big dance at the end of the semester and land a date with one of them. Normally when playing with other people, I have to stream the title, control everything else on my own, and just sort of allow myself to be directed by my friends when it’s one of their turns. However, with Remote Play involved, everyone can take charge of their own turns and move at their own pace! 

Personally, I enjoy this in a larger group setting, but having only two players can also be a bit of fun — particularly since that means you’ll have less competition if you want to go for the loveable, jock, werewolf Scott or the Naruto/Garfield fanfiction author, DLC-exclusive, eldritch-deity-turned-cute-trans-girl Zoe. (Thankfully, you can also get yourself a bundle to access both Zoe and the brilliant Calculester while also getting the base game in one big package!)

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Okay, so there’s something for the romantics out there and for the people who want to beat each other up, but what about those who grew up on racing games and desperately want to return to a time when they can look at their friend’s screen to get a sense as to where on the track they are? Well, there’s Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing for that! Featuring both a host of classic Sonic characters and a variety of other veritable SEGA icons racing around — in karts instead of absolutely getting stomped in a footrace against the blue blur — this title is an absolute joy to play with another person. Send item after item at your opponent and just try to take first place! And then do it again in the sequel, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed!

The Dark Pictures Anthology

I know we’ve been talking a lot about things that get the heart racing, whether that be action or romance, but I’ve so far left out an absolute classic type of experience for people to enjoy together: horror. (Boo!) Thankfully, one of my favourite horror series, The Dark Pictures Anthology, has a few options available, all of which are playable in multiplayer, with different players taking turns within the roles of different characters. Sometimes two people can even play at the same time in additional alternate scenes.

Sadly, only The Devil in Me, Little Hope, and House of Ashes are currently playable with Remote Play, so if you’re looking forward to exploring a spooky submarine in Man of Medan with a friend, you’ll have to do it with normal online multiplayer. However, three out of four ain’t bad and you can still quake in your boots in some amazing horror experiences with a friend right there by your side.

Tekken 7

I’ll admit, this is cheating a little bit since I already covered the fighting genre, but come on! I love that stuff, and I couldn’t just not give you another treat! Tekken 7, the latest release in the classic Tekkenfranchise, features a variety of characters and locales alongside a dramatic storyline that really packs a punch. However, for the sake of thinking about Remote Play, I should go back to mentioning all the fun characters to play as, including Street Fighter’s Akuma in the base game as well as Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis Lucis Caelum and The Walking Dead’s Negan in the Definitive Edition, among many others!


All in all, there are a wide variety of games to choose from with Remote Play, but those listed above are a fantastic starting point for enjoying your time with another person. Whether that enjoyment is found through fists, karts, love, screams, or anything else, there’s something for you with Remote Play.

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