Best Upcoming Games for 2024

Best Upcoming Games for 2024

By  Jacob Sanderson - 18th Dec 2023
Best Upcoming Games for 2024

2023 has been an utterly fantastic year for games, with some great releases from the start of the year, all the way to its close. 2024 is looking to continue this trend with another incredibly jam-packed year of wonderful worlds to play through and explore.

Tekken 8 - January 26

Tekken 8 brings the current fighting game renaissance fresh into the new year, with one of the genre’s giants releasing a new and incredible title. Tekken 8 will continue the story from Tekken 7 in its story mode while introducing the new Arcade Quest mode to flesh out the single-player content. With new mechanics changing the flow of the combat, while still being the classic Tekken you know and love. Its new and improved training modes will help minimise the stress of learning and practising while making the genre that much more accessible. There are so many new features opening up this game to be the best title in the series, without deviating from its roots, Tekken 8 is proving to be a must-have for fighting game fans.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - January 26

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth brings the Like a Dragon franchise out of Japan for the first time, bringing Ichiban, Kiryu and many others to the beautiful shores of Hawaii. Infinite Wealth serves as a direct sequel to Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and looks to be one of the franchise's best. Ichiban and Kiryu exist as dual protagonists in this title, sharing both of their deeply personal stories while continuing with the turn-based combat introduced in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 - March 22

The long-awaited sequel to Capcom’s cult classic action-adventure game is finally releasing in 2024. Taking the insane large-scale battles to all new heights while bringing the familiar pawn system back for another entry. You’ll be able to take on a range of scenarios and battles in a variety of different ways, whether that be with a unique team of pawns or by taking advantage of your surroundings to push the advantage, Dragon’s Dogma 2 will give you the freedom to explore the land the way you want.

Persona 3 Reload - February 2

Persona 3 Reload is a remake of the classic Atlus JRPG, sporting new mechanics, new scenes, and a fresh new look. As usual for the Persona franchise, Persona 3 Reload is full of charm and style, with its new UI, and some utterly fantastic new music, including new Tracks from Lotus Juice! The story takes you to the “Dark Hour”, a secret hour between days, in which the Shadows come out, and it’s your job to solve the mystery behind the Dark Hour, and the Shadows that come with it.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - February 1

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is Rocksteady’s newest title, taking them back to their roots in the DC universe. It’s a third-person shooter, tasking you with doing as the title states, killing the members of the Justice League, who’ve turned against the city they once protected. You’re given the option to play Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and King Shark, along with more characters being added in post-launch updates. Not only does each character have their own unique playstyles and movement options, but you can play with up to three others, to maximise each other's potential.

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