BIOMUTANT - Meet the breeds and classes

BIOMUTANT - Meet the breeds and classes

By  Sam Jones - 12th May 2021

Find out which customizations will be ideal for your character

BIOMUTANT - Meet the breeds and classes

A stunning post-apocalyptic world awaits in Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic's long awaited upcoming title BIOMUTANT - but it's not just the vibrant locations that have players itching to jump in.

The 'Kung-Fu fable' action RPG, which arrives on Steam PC and console on May 25th, will see gamers embark on an open-world journey to decide the fate of the Tree of Life - will you protect it or succumb to your menacing side and bring darkness across these lands?

Before beginning your grand adventure, you are given the opportunity to customize your own character - editing everything from looks, color and build to unique characteristics and perks. Two of the key ingredients in creating your character are the breed and class that you'll be using - and here, we've rounded up some useful information on what you can expect when playing the game.

It's time to meet the breeds and classes of BIOMUTANT!



BIOMUTANT allows you to choose from six different types of breeds during the character customization stage, and will determine your furry hero's body type and have a slight influence on your overall stats.


Game description: 'An extraordinary developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid outcast with an even DNA string making it apt for both physical and mental challenges.'

Top stats: Good balance of Health, Intellect and Melee Damage.

Recommended playstyle: New players who want a character who benefits from multiple decent stats to experiment with.



Game description: 'A regenerative developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid with a gene mutation making them extremely tough and resilient.'

Top stats: Highest overall Vitality stats of any of the six breeds available

Recommended playstyle: Gamers who enjoy a mix of melee and ranged combat.



Game description: 'A nimble developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid with a gene mutation making them nimble and dexterous at the cost of a lesser developed intellect.'

Top stats: Highest Critical Chance base stats of all six breeds.

Recommended playstyle: Agile with ranged and melee weapons.



Game description: 'The least developed anthropomorphic breed. A hybrid off-shoot that compensate the lack of mental prowess with physical strength.'

Top stats: Highest Melee Damage stats of all six breeds and good Move Speed.

Recommended playstyle: Agile movement with melee attacks.



Game description: 'The definition of an idealized breed. Its evolutionary lineage has gone in a direction where form and appearance has dominated over function.'

Top stats: High Charisma base stats and good Loot Chance.

Recommended playstyle: Players who want to find rare gear and loot more frequently.



Game description: 'Renowned for a highly evolved mind. Its genius is directly interlinked to the power of Ki which amplifies their Psionic output.'

Top stats: Highest base stats for Power, Ki Energy and Energy Regen across all six breeds.

Recommended playstyle: Player who prefer to use elemental psionic attacks compared to melee combat.



Once you've selected your breed, it's time to focus on what class your furry character will feature. For gamers playing the standard edition, you'll have a choice of five available classes - but if you pre-ordered BIOMUTANT, you'll also receive a sixth class called 'Mercenary'.

Each class has its own unique abilities and perks that will benefit some gamers over others, so it's important to not only choose the right breed but also the right class for your playstyle.


Game description: 'Trained as an operative of an elite special operations force. Commandos are used to working in smaller teams.'

Perk: Efficient stats for ranged combat.

Ability: Fury - 10% damage increase for all ranged weapons.

Recommended breeds to combine with: Primal, Hyla or Murgel.



Game description: 'A cunning, skilled explorer trained to operate covertly in both suburbs and wilderness.'

Perk: Boosts melee combat stats.

Ability: Twin Silver Grip - Gives players the ability to dual wield two one-handed melee weapons.

Ability #2: Hypergenetic - Dodge Energy cost is reduced by 20%.

Recommended breeds to combine with: Primal, Dumdon or Hyla.



Game description: 'A tricky, skilful rogue who's chosen a life outside law and society values.'

Perk: Increases Critical Chance.

Ability: Perfect Reload ability - All ranged weapons can be reloaded instantly, as well as a 20% damage boost for your next magazine.

Recommended breeds to combine with: Primal, Hyla or Murgel.



Game description: 'Psi-Freaks are experimenting with psionic powers and mutations. They're usually outcasts on the fringe of society.'

Perk: Increases Critical Chance.

Ability: Spark Ball - Summon a ball of lightning that can be thrown in any direction.

Ability #2: Megamind - Increases Ki Energy Regen by 20%.

Recommended breeds to combine with: Fip or Rex.



Game description: 'Sentinels dedicate themselves to protect a house. Their dedication is for the organization as a whole, including supreme belief in their dogma.'

Perk: Tougher resilience to damage.

Ability: Toughness - Base Armor is increased by 10%.

Recommended breeds to combine with: Hyla, Primal or Rex.


MERCENARY - This class is a pre-order bonus for BIOMUTANT, and will most likely be available as paid-for DLC after launch. This class has a classic Japanese outfit and, according to, will allow you to dual wield Wazikashi blades or a classic katana.

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