BROK the Investigator - First Impressions

BROK the Investigator - First Impressions

By  Alana Dunitz - 28th Sep 2022

Will BROK the Investigator be the perfect mix of a point-and-click adventure game and a side scrolling beat-’em-up or just goofy and cartoony?

BROK the Investigator - First Impressions

BROK the InvestiGator is a classic point-and-click adventure mixed with RPG elements with a sprinkle of beat 'em up action promising mystery and adventure. Players have the option to skip fights if they want a pure point-and-click experience and not have to spend time on elements that don’t affect the storyline. BROK the InvestiGator has an art style reminiscent of the Disney Afternoon cartoons of the '90s and great voice acting to accompany it. In the game you take on the role of an alligator detective investigating a mystery in this post-apocalyptic world where animals have replaced humankind. The world's air is horribly polluted; the wealthy and privileged citizens live inside a protective dome, whereas the poor and "lesser" people live on the outside, struggling to live.

The introduction to the game is quite intense; you see Brok is in a room engulfed in fire. He seems confused as to what is happening, but you can hear his wife Lia yelling. She is trapped under rubble, and no matter what Brok does, he cannot get her out. While trying to help him Lia is telling him that he killed her, and that this is all his fault; he’s a liar and he is dangerous. He knows that the building is going to collapse once the ground starts shaking. That's when Brok wakes up from this nightmare; it's obvious he feels incredibly guilty about the fire and thinks he is responsible for Lia's death.

The game is divided into chapters; the first chapter being called "Across the Border". Brok receives a call from a police officer named Sin; he won't tell you any of the details over the phone as he thinks it may be tapped. So you go to his apartment and learn that he lost his gun and the handmade handkerchief from his wife while he was on patrol in Alley #12. The hard part is, since Brok is considered lower-class — also known as a Slumer — he isn't allowed to go into the domed area, so he will have to solve puzzles and figure out a way to get access inside the dome so he can continue his investigation.

While working on your cases you will travel to different areas on the map and potentially get into fights if you had selected one of the harder difficulties. Each area has three QR codes (Brok calls them ads or coupons) that you can collect and use to get a hint of where you need to go next. These come in handy as there are a few times when you may get stuck and not know how to progress the story. Once you progress far enough you unlock the ability to play as Groff, Lia’s son from a previous marriage. We get to see their relationship from both sides as they work together and how your choices as both affect each other and the ending of the game you will get.

BROK the Investigator is a great point-and-click adventure game with fun fighting action segments with a deep and complex story that really makes you think. If you love games that work your brain with a great art style, this is a title that is sure to interest you!

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