BundleFest has arrived - Daily bundles with incredible savings

BundleFest has arrived - Daily bundles with incredible savings

By  Sam Jones - 20th Sep 2019

The biggest bundle event of the year is finally here!

BundleFest has arrived - Daily bundles with incredible savings

Here we go - BundleFest is back and we're bringing you some of the best Steam bundles around!

This week sees a whole host of exclusively curated collections arriving on the Fanatical store, at prices that you can't afford to miss. Be sure to check back each day as we announce more bundles, as well as our big flagship bundle, alongside some other interesting announcements.

Below you'll find a round-up of what's been announced each day and the great collections that we have on offer. There's a bundle for you, go on, treat yourself!

Pick & Mix your bundles

Pick & Mix your bundles

If you like to feel in control of what goes into the bundles that you love, we suggest checking our latest Pick & Mix collections.

Pick your own line-up of critically-acclaimed, must-have titles from our Aspyr Pick & Mix bundle. With 20 games to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Or, treat yourself to some legendary franchises at unmissable prices. Choose your AAA line-up from our Square Enix Pick & Mix bundle now and experience explosive action-adventures, RPGs and more!

Day One bundles

Day One bundles

As well as some popular returning bundles, we've got some great Day One BundleFest collections for you to enjoy - with more being revealed each day this week.

The Banner Saga Deluxe Bundle gives you three Nordic RPG adventures to enjoy on Steam PC from the highly-rated Banner Saga franchise. Live through an epic role-playing Viking saga where your strategic choices directly affect your personal journey.

Each of the three Banner Saga titles included in this bundle are the deluxe editions, which means that you also get extra DLC and exclusive soundtracks.

Taking elements of educational learning and combining them with a fun RPG format! The Learn Japanese to Survive Complete Bundle includes 3 hit games and 8 DLC - helping you learn the language at a steady pace while enjoying a retro-style RPG adventure with language-based battles.

Specializing in Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, this bundle provides you with hours of gameplay that is both educational and enjoyable.

Looking for some shooter action? Then it's time to become an elite soldier and take on dangerous missions in both historical and futuristic combat with the FPS Warriors Dollar Bundle.

This collection of first-person shooters puts you in the heart of the action, battling across iconic warzones, deadly terrain and brutal space-age levels.


Next in at the Fanatical station is the Express Bundle - your next destination... popular Indie Steam titles in one exclusive collection!

Enjoy hilarious physics-based co-op and platformers, an ultimate toy sandbox and so much more with eight games included.

Day Two bundles

Day Two bundles

Day Two of BundleFest is here, and we've introduced another five great bundles for you to enjoy.

From addictive Indies to a highly-rated AAA collection, we're offering you a huge variety of incredible games in unmissable collections.

Dare you face the horrors that lie within the city of Harran? It’s time to find out with the Dying Light Ultimate Bundle!

Including the ‘Very Positive’ rated AAA base game, this collection also features 8 DLC packs to give you an immersive survival horror experience. Using the game’s advanced parkour system, players can seamlessly traverse across a vast, open environment.

Escape from hunters and dangerous hordes with speed and agility, jump between rooftops, climb walls, and fatally attack your foes from above. Plus, the season pass DLC grants you access to The Following - with a brand new story taking players beyond the walls of Harran with buggy vehicles - and additional DLC bundle packs that gives you new skins for you buggies and weapons.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys creative, hands-on games, you’ll want to check out the Workshop Bundle.

Featuring 10 Indie Steam PC titles, this collection will bring out your creative side, as well as experiencing the ingenious work of these hard-working developers.


Treat yourself to an enthralling mix of mysterious and adventurous titles in the Enchanted Bundle.

Including nine Steam games and one DLC from Parisian developer & publisher Microïds, this exclusive bundle invites you to explore and discover hidden wonders, fight supernatural foes and jump into exciting sports action.

A mighty crusade is yours for the taking, do you accept? The Curve Quest Bundle brings together eight fantastic Indie titles from one of the UK’s leading game publishers, Curve Digital.

See the sights and sounds of busy tourist cities from the comfort of your seat with the Subway Bundle. Including four realistic driving sim Steam PC titles that will let you get behind the wheel of public transportation in Europe and the USA.

Day Three bundles

Day Three bundles

Three's the magic number, and that's certainly the case with Day Three of BundleFest. Today, we've revealed another five bundles - with heavy focus on great Indie collections at ridiculously low prices.

The freedom to build your own bundle of awesome games is here! Our Staff Picks Pick & Mix bundle features a great roster of impressive titles for you to choose from. From the brutal re-imagining of the King Arthur mythos in turn-based strategy Sword Legacy: Omen to the gun-slinging wild west of FPS Call of Juarez, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Get nine nostalgic retro indies in the Dotemu Classics Bundle - including top point and clicks, intense 2D shooters and action-adventures galore!

This Fanatical Exclusive collection brings you games from a publisher based in the City of Love, Paris, that specializes in retro gaming.

Murder and mystery - It's time to don your investigative hat in classic point and click adventures with the Dollar Murder Bundle. Featuring five Art of Murder Steam games, players will embark on a series of thrilling tales of mystery with tense plots.


Prepare for battle with some of the wiggliest soldiers around in the Worms Bundle. Featuring a PC port of the 1995 classic, remastered wonders and even a pinball-style game, you'll be able to throw a grenade down memory lane with this turn-based strategy and casual tiered bundle.

It’s time to play your way... Introducing our huge Playway Mega Bundle, featuring 21 Steam games and 3 DLCs, including seven new-to-bundle keys. Defeat an army of the undead and master unique one-button controls; enter parallel worlds as a guardian against an evil force and much more!

Day Four gives you more! (bundles)

Day Four gives you more! (bundles)

The weekend draws closer and with it comes, yeah you guessed it, more great bundles!

Slay monsters, embark on exciting quests, discover the secret of eternal life and much more with the RPG Pick & Mix bundle. Choose up to 15 role-playing Steam PC titles now

Lead your troops behind enemy lines and bring your a-game in sci-fi space battles with the Strategy Pick & Mix Bundle. Build your own line-up.


It's out there! Explore mysterious and challenging worlds with the Adventure Pick & Mix bundle - featuring 24 adventure-based Steam PC games to choose from

Become a game developer wizard with the AppGameKit Bundle. Perfect for beginners, hobbyists and up and coming Indie game developers, this tiered collection features instant access to development tools and asset packs.

Six new-to-bundle titles in the Shadow Bundle

Six new-to-bundle titles in the Shadow Bundle

Don't be afraid of the dark... we've unveiled our brand-new Shadow Bundle, with six new-to-bundle Steam PC games included across an exciting tiered collection!

Tier One - $1 USD/ £0.95 GBP/ €1.09 EU/ $1.35 CAD/ $1.65 AUD/ 75 ₽ RU.

Tier Two - $4.99/ £4.79/ €5.45/ $6.65/ $7.99/ 375 ₽

Tier Three - $6.49/ £6.25/ €7.09/ $8.59/ $10.49/ 489 ₽

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