BundleFestive Roundup

BundleFestive Roundup

By  Violet Plata - 22nd Dec 2023

Time to revisit our latest BundleFestive so you don’t miss out on anything!

BundleFestive Roundup

Now that our beloved BundleFestive is over and we've moved on to our Winter Sale, we figured we'd make a blog post talking about every bundle released and what our community's favourite games have been! This isn't just a pretty interesting look at which games are trending among you all, but it also might make it easier for those of you struck by analysis paralysis to choose. If you want to read an overview of each bundle, we also have separate blog posts that do that!

Starting off with Day 1, we released the 28th Killer Bundle and our Bethesda VR Collection; we were quite excited by the latter, thanks to Steam's latest steps to make virtual reality more accessible: Steamlink.

Killer Bundle 28 

The former is a fan favourite, but for those who might not be familiar with it, its name comes from having KILLER DEALS... because it's so good; get it? We love word plays. This classic bundle offers a chance to get a whopping 14 games for just $14.99! From Mortal Shell and Prey to Alex Kidd and Arcade Paradise — you'll find it has a nice variety!

Bethesda VR Collection

Our Bethesda VR Collection is self-explanatory in the title, but we'd still love to tell you about it! With it, you can take home four games that'll have your family ducking under your furious swinging as you'll be fighting everything from dragons to nazis! Get ready to experience The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, Fallout 4 VR, DOOM VFR, and Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot, all for just $24.99!

Phew, we're done with the first day. Our second one saw the arrival of Best of Bento Bundle, Infinity VR Collection 2, and Game Development, Testing & Coding 2nd Edition.

Best of Bento Bundle

If the Bento part of the title didn't give it away, this particular bundle is all about anime-based games. It is one of the community's favourites... we can tell because of the myriad of comments we get begging for it to return! Of course, this one is a special edition, as it is the "Best of", meaning we've brought back the most famous games from the previous entries. With three tiers to choose from and a total of 10 titles in total, there's a lot of wiggle room here for you. That being said, our top three most-bought games are River City Girls, Dusk Diver, and Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Infinite Combate... and yes, the last one is indeed the name of a game. 

Infinity VR Collection 2

If you're looking for VR games but aren't a fan of Bethesda or those games aren't what you were in the market for, then fear not — our Infinity VR Collection is one of the other options available for those looking to boost up their virtual reality library. Just like the Bento Bundle, you have options to choose from, but in total, there are 17 titles you can take with you! The three most purchased are Another Fisherman's Tale, I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy and the Liar, and Pixel Ripped Double Pack

Game Development, Testing & Coding 2nd Edition eLearning Bundle

We pride ourselves here at Fanatical for having more than just games; if you're looking to get software, eBooks, or eLearning courses, you'll find plenty of bundles centred around that, too! With our 2nd edition of our Game Development, Testing & Coding, you'll get numerous Alpha Academy titles that will help you grasp important knowledge for game development, testing, and coding. In total, there are 10, which you can get for just $10.99, and they cover Cocos2d-x v3 C++, Python, JavaScript, and Unity 3D, among others!

On our third BundleFestive day, we saw our Premiere and MACX HD Video Software bundles go up! Of course, this is the first edition of the bundle, so we're excited to see what the community thought about it.

Premiere Bundle

In total, this new bundle has 23 games you can take home, and you've got several tiers to choose from depending on the pricing and amount of titles you're interested in. Of course, the name is Premiere because these games have never been in bundles before, so we hope you're as excited about that as we are! The three most-bought titles were Frogun, Verne: The Shape of Fantasy, and ICEY!

MACX HD Video Software Bundle

For those who might be looking for a way to rip their DVDs into digital formats, they’ll be happy to know our MACX HD Video Software bundle has everything they’ll need. Thanks to our partnership with MACX, we’ve been able to bring you a way to rip them into any format, including MP3, AV1, MKV, MOV, and more!

On our fourth day of BundleFestive only had one bundle, but it’s such a beloved line of bundles that we release a new edition monthly!

Best of Platinum Collection 2023

Since there’s a new one each month, we wanted to do something special for the last bit of the year, so we gathered the most liked games from the previous entries and made a special edition. This means that, technically, by checking this one out, you’re seeing the best of all Platinum Collection!

Lastly, on our final BundleFestive day, we released the Winter Special edition of our Prestige Collection: yet another community-favourite bundle that we try to keep fresh and run. 

Prestige Collection — Winter Special

As we said before, we are particularly proud of this edition, as we see it as the ultimate 2023 entry! It’s worth checking out, whether you’re looking for great AAA or indies.

That’s it! Our entire week of BundleFestive summarised easily for you to browse. We’re already looking forward to the next BundleFest, and we genuinely hope that you are, too! Thanks for joining us for another great year, and if you’re new to Fanatical, then welcome! We hope you stay for long. Happy holidays!

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