BundleFestive is Now Live — Information and Monday Bundles!

BundleFestive is Now Live — Information and Monday Bundles!

By  Luz Victoria - 4th Dec 2023

The start of the festivities!

BundleFestive is Now Live — Information and Monday Bundles!

It's finally time to unveil our BundleFestive and start the week of unhinged joy! You know how these work, but we're thrilled to tell you anyway, as this is the final BundleFest of the year, and we wouldn't want you to miss out on the important details.

Starting today, on the 4th of December, and running until Friday, 8th of December, you can get at least one bundle per day! This does mean that starting today, you can already find two bundles to start the event on! Here's everything you need to know for Monday:

Killer Bundle 28

We would be remiss if we didn't continue the age-old tradition of leading BundleFests with our ever-essential Killer Bundle, this time celebrating its 28th iteration! As usual, this is a classic bundle (meaning it isn't built as a Build Your Own or Tiered bundle), so you will get all 15 games included for just $15.99!

Are you wondering what's waiting for you? Instead of giving you a list of the games through their titles, make sure you check out the bundle below to find all of them and be able to scroll through our usual bundle page to see them all in action. Don't worry — we'll wait!

Bethesda VR Collection

Done buying your Killer Bundle 28? Good! Because we have another one that many will love, too — the Bethesda VR Collection! If you have yourself a fancy new VR from the holiday season (or are planning on getting yourself one/demanding any significant person in your life to give you one), then you're going to need to get yourself some games! Your library may consist of anywhere from a few dozen games to quadruple or quintuple digits (yes, we see you, game collectors), but you may have few (if any!) VR titles in your list.

We present the Bethesda VR Collection to you! It is a quintessential collection that anyone using a VR should try. Of course this includes the latest The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR; we'd be fools not to have added it! If you want to go through the freezing lands of Skyrim and shout at dragons as the new Dragonborn for the 72nd time, then you've come to the right place! Shout away*

*You cannot, in fact, shout to actually cast the spells... unless you use a mod or a program to do that, that is. The immersion is endless!

Now that you've (presumably) bought all three bundles featured on Monday and (obviously) are jumping up and down in glee, joy, and cheer, then fret not, as we'll be back tomorrow for even more bundles! See you then!

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