Second Day of BundleFestive — New Bundles

Second Day of BundleFestive — New Bundles

By  Luz Victoria - 5th Dec 2023

What new bundles await?

Second Day of BundleFestive — New Bundles

It's Tuesday! While normally, nothing really happens on Tuesdays (it's a universal fact), you obviously haven't forgotten about our BundleFestive, right?... Right?

As the second day of our bundles arrives, it's time to start looking at all of the newest deals that are making their way to our store (and thus, your Steam account. Probably. Hopefully). If you haven't already checked out Monday's deals, then you shouldn't wait any longer and check out our blog featuring that! If you have, then it's finally time to start looking at the second day of BundleFestive deals! Starting with…

Build Your Own Best of Bento Bundle

You've asked (and asked, and asked) and we have provided — the Bento bundle is making a return... again! We know how much you've loved these over the last few BundleFests, and it would be a sin not to include them after so much popular demand. This time, we present to you the Build Your Own Best of Bento Bundle!

"But what does 'Best' mean?" I hear you ask. Well, this newest bundle features some of the old classics that have been famous in the past, bolstering three price points for you to pick from! Get up to 10 games for $14.99 and pick from 20 different titles perfect for the Bento bundle! Because what screams "Holiday Cheer" quite like CORPSE FACTORY?

Build Your Own Infinity VR Collection 2

Now, we believe yesterday we also ran a VR bundle and told you that if you wanted one/were demanding one, you were going to need titles. Well, we can't have you only reliving some of Bethesda's best experiences, as instead, we should be looking for even more games that bring the "V" into "Very Good" and "R" into “Reality”... Okay, this isn't working out like I was hoping for.

With three different price points, you can create the Build Your Own Infinity VR Collection 2 the way you like it! There are a total of 17 titles to choose from and some of the most loved VR titles being included as well! Not to play favourites, but some of the most highly sought-after VR games are included in this collection, featuring hectic titles, shooters, and even a blast to the past! Strap on your VR and get ready to be taken to a wide variety of new universes!

Game Development, Testing & Coding 2nd Edition eLearning Bundle

Not everything is gaming with the BundleFestive, however, as you can also find some eBook bundles included, such as today's Game Development, Testing & Coding 2nd Edition eLearning Bundle (or GDT&C2EELB for short, obviously). Get a slew of Alpha Academy titles that will teach you everything you need to know about game development, testing, and coding! These bundles are creatively named to tell you exactly what you'll get from them.

There are 10 courses available for this one, and you can get it for just $10.99! The total course value stands at a staggering $4,303, so you won't be getting much better deals for these sorts of eLearning bundles! Don't miss out on starting your development journey.

That may be the end of our BundleFestive day two blog, but that doesn't mean it has to be the end of your shopping spree! If you already bought all of the bundles for today, then you might as well take a gander as to what we released yesterday; you never know what you might have missed that you could love! And if nothing is of interest, then we'll see you tomorrow for the mid-way point — day three!

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