Third Day of BundleFestive — A New Build Your Own Bundle Joins the Lineup!

Third Day of BundleFestive — A New Build Your Own Bundle Joins the Lineup!

By  Luz Victoria - 6th Dec 2023


Third Day of BundleFestive — A New Build Your Own Bundle Joins the Lineup!

It's Wednesday, my friends! It's time to take a look at BundleFestive once again, where we'll see what two new bundles released over the 6th of December and everything you would need to know about the deal to get it! 

On this third day, we're featuring a brand-new gaming and software bundle, meaning that you can get just a bit of everything! This new gaming bundle, however, is a brand-new entry to the BYOB collection — will you ask us to bring it back every BundleFest like the Bento before it? I guess we'll find out shortly, introducing…

Build Your Own Premiere Bundle

I guess you could say we're premiering this bundle... Or wait, I think I have a better one — with this bundle, we're premiering a bunch of new-to-bundle titles! OR WAIT——

Shenanigans aside, we introduce the newest joinee to the Build Your Own Bundle lineup, the Premiere bundle! As the name suggests, you should get all-new titles to purchase from this, giving your collection a massive boost of games! We know how much you love getting deals for games that have never surfaced on bundles before, so we decided to oblige! For just $9.99, you can get five new games (or the first tier, getting three games for $6.99). But we have a feeling that, with 23 games in the lineup, you won't be buying this one only once!

MACX HD Video Software Bundle

I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones that associate the Holiday season with great movies like Die Hard, which is obviously a Christmas movie*. If you have a bunch of DVDs lying around that you want to rip into digital format, then we have the software bundle for you!

Introducing out partnership with MACX with the MACX HD Video Software Bundle, a software you can use for ripping DVD to any format, including MP4, AV1, MKV, MOV, and so many more! You can use over 370 codecs and over 420 profiles!

Get this bundle with three different lifetime uses for just $14.99 or even smaller price points for fewer licenses! These include the MACX DVD Ripper Pro, the MACX Video Converter Pro, and the MACX mediatrans!

*(statement not previously approved by Fanatical admins).

What a great day of BundleFestive, if I do say so myself! From premiering the premiere bundle with premiere titles to ripping DVD into the digital format! But what sorts of great deals await us tomorrow? Next time on Fanatical BundleFestive, we'll bring back a traditional bundle to end the year off... Until next time, Fanaticals!

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