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Capcom dev reveals Lady Alcina Dimitrescu's height in Resident Evil Village

Capcom dev reveals Lady Alcina Dimitrescu's height in Resident Evil Village

By Sam Jones

Capcom dev reveals Lady Alcina Dimitrescu's height in Resident Evil Village

By Sam Jones - 2nd Feb 2021

She's a big gal!

Capcom dev reveals Lady Alcina Dimitrescu's height in Resident Evil Village

We've already seen from the initial trailers and 'Maiden' PS5 demo that Resident Evil Village's Alcina Dimitrescu (Lady Dimitrescu / Tall Vampire Lady) is somewhat taller than most characters in the game, if not all of them!

A number of media outlets and members of the Resi Evil community have already made their estimations on how tall this mysterious Femme fatale will be, including measurements by stacking PlayStation 5s on top of one another, but Capcom has now officially revealed Dimitrescu's official height - as well as the dev's surprise reaction to the outpour of positivity towards the character.

In a statement on social media, Art Director Tomonori Takano said: "I wanted to use this opportunity to publicly reflect on the outpouring positivity we've received from the fans on our latest announcement. As a representative of the development team, thank you to all the fans who continue to follow us.

"Most recently, Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters have received a fair amount of attention, far more than we anticipated. It's great that they're able to take the spotlight as icons of Resident Evil Village.

"Lady Dimitrescu, especially, has received much fanfare both domestically and overseas, which has made all of us in the development team extremely happy. I hear her height is some of interest... If you include her hat and high heels, she's 2.9m (approximately 9' 6") tall.

"These bewitching, vampiric characters are relentless in their pursuit of Ethan, and I can't wait for you to meet them yourselves when you enter Castle Dimitrescu in May."

So, there you have it. We now know how tall Lady Dimitrescu is - but how does that compare with other characters in the game?

Well, JJ from the the 'Residence of Evil' community posted an image on social media which compares protagonist Ethan Winter's height to that of Lady Dimitrescu... and it's fair to say there's a big difference!

Other notorious Resi Evil enemies such as Nemesis (7' 3") from Resident Evil 3 and Mr. X/Tyrant (believe to be no more than 8') from Resident Evil 2 are still nowhere near the shear size of this new character. Here's a comparison based on a real life person - the tallest female basketball player to date in the WNBA was the late Malgrozata 'Margo' Dydek, who measured at 7' 2" - Lady Dimitrescu is still over two feet taller!


As well as giant vampire women, Resident Evil Village (Resident Evil 8) will also feature werewolves for the first time in the main series' history, substituting the undead zombies and parasite controlled 'Las Plagas' seen in the likes of Resident Evil 4. In RE Village, you'll reprise the role of Ethan from Resident Evil 7 - who has relocated with wife Mia in order to find peace following the horrifying events that occurred back in the United States.

However, their new wintry European setting is far from a vacation as Ethan is thrown into another terrifying ordeal when Chris Redfield makes a sudden appearance. From there, Ethan is thrown into another spine-chilling survival horror adventure.

The game launches on May 7th, 2021, and you can pre-order your Resident Evil Village Steam PC key from Fanatical now. If you opt for the Resident Evil Village - Deluxe Edition, you'll receive the base game and Trauma Pack DLC content.

Pre-order either edition, and you'll receive the Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm and Survival Resources Pack as in-game bonuses!



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Capcom dev reveals Lady Alcina Dimitrescu's height in Resident Evil Village

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