Changing the Way We Handle Build Your Own Bundles

Changing the Way We Handle Build Your Own Bundles

By  Luz Victoria - 29th Feb 2024

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Changing the Way We Handle Build Your Own Bundles

One of our most famous types of bundles — and the ones we try to bring you the most — are the Build Your Own Bundles. With these, you are able to choose and create your own shopping cart and pay a set price; after reaching a certain number of items (which we call tiers), you are eligible for a specific price for a specific set of games, and you will then have created your own bundle. How this works has always been the way we've supported bundles, though we are changing it — and we know we're changing it for the better.

We've been making adjustments that appeal to our users and taking a good, hard look at our storefront. First, we started by trying out the GOG DRM deals for Bethesda, one of our most-requested features, and now, we're making another change that is sure to appeal to all of our bundle buyers as we shift from needing to buy a specific set of games and, instead, offer it more as a cart-building system than a cart-filling one.

What does this mean? Historically, whenever we sell a Build Your Own Bundle, you all have had struggles hitting specific tiers. If you wanted only four games and your tier choices are three and five, you would always be obliged to choose between going one under (and settling to let go of a game) or adding something that isn't of interest. We didn't think this was a very enjoyable shopping experience, and as such, we've changed it.

While tiers are still going to be present, and you're still going to be incentivised to get more items to qualify for the bigger ones, each item will increase the price of your cart by focusing on the price-per-game. As you add games to your bundle, the price goes up at the price-per-game you have qualified of the latest tier — using our previous example, if you have four games in a 3/5/7-tiered bundle, you'll still be eligible to buy your fourth game without having to pay full price. Instead, the price you're eligible for per game (so if it's three games for 2.99, it's 0.99) will be added, as if you were building a cart from a sale. 

This also means that you can now add every item in a bundle and qualify for the highest tier's discount for each of the games rather than be forced to buy bundles within bundles. Gone are the days of having to buy two bundles because you exceeded the third tier and need to choose how many to add to qualify for a first or second tier (and get a worse price to boot!). Instead, you can just add as many games as you want and pay each one per item rather than bulks of items. The only requirement for Build Your Own Bundle moving forward is to meet the minimum number of games on the first tier, and from there, you add as many as you want.

We hope you are as excited about this change as we are, and we've done this to benefit our users and enhance their experience. You can find this applicable now on every bundle that has been released and is available, so you won't have to wait for this to be implemented! Have a good one.

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