Cities: Skylines II Edition Differences & Pre-order Bonus

Cities: Skylines II Edition Differences & Pre-order Bonus

By  William Brett - 21st Jul 2023

And which edition should you get?

Cities: Skylines II Edition Differences & Pre-order Bonus

It's been nearly a decade since the release date of the original Cities: Skylines! Now, eight years later and four months after its original announcement, Cities: Skylines II is ready for pre-order with various editions available! To learn more about what's included in the Ultimate Edition and what the pre-order bonus is, then read on!

Pre-order Bonus

Let's start with the very first thing that we need to take a look at — the pre-order bonus! If you're eager to get your city started and will loyally buy Cities: Skylines II no matter what, then pre-ordering is the way for you!

First and foremost, you'll get various landmark buildings! These nine structures are all based on real-life famous landmarks that you could find around the world for you to decorate your sprawling city with. Second, of course, is a map that is based on the geography of Tampere, from the south of Finland! After all, who wouldn't love to build an actual city on the geography that already carries its own — raise your city from the roots of another, and see how yours differs from the real-life variant.

By pre-ordering the game, get the following items:

  • Nine landmark buildings based on real-life structures
  • A map based on the geography of Tampere

Standard Edition

The standard edition is a phenomenal option for anyone who doesn't care about any bells & whistles and just wants the base game. But don't worry — this isn't a bad thing! Cities: Skylines brings numerous fantastic new features that make it worthy of purchase, even if just by itself!

Starting off, players will find an intricate AI that will bring to life the game's economy, meaning that there will need to be a lot of planning ahead to not regret decisions! Make sure there are enough roads, infrastructures, and systems to keep the city working like a well-oiled machine! And what's best is that you can follow your small community's lives through their ups and downs.

But of course, the biggest and most exciting aspect — aside from the dynamic weather that will keep you on your toes — is probably the nearly limitless capability to build sky-high buildings. Who said you can't touch the sky?

By purchasing the Standard Edition, get the following items:

  • Base game
  • Nine landmark buildings based on real-life structures — Only before the 24th of October
  • A map based on the geography of Tampere — Only before the 24th of October

Ultimate Edition

For those who love the genre or were waiting impatiently for this entry, perhaps the best option would be the Ultimate Edition, which ends up saving you 22% on top of any additional discounts! 

Aside from the obvious base game, you'll get the Expansion Pass, which will give you access to the numerous incoming DLC, including the San Francisco Set that releases with the game. There's a mixed bag included in the pre-order, with radio channels, expansions, and multiple packs! In general, a fantastic deal for any fan.

So, to summarise, if you get Cities: Skylines II Ultimate Edition, you'll get the Expansion Pass as a bonus, which unlocks the following whenever they become available:

  • San Francisco Set (instant unlock)
  • Bridges and Ports expansion.
  • Beach Properties asset pack.
  • Urban Promenades content creator pack.
  • Modern Architecture content creator pack.
  • Deluxe Relax Station radio channel.
  • Soft Rock Radio radio channel.
  • Cold Wave Channel radio channel.

And that’s it! Short and sweet. We hope we’ve helped you find what’s the best edition for you, and that you’re as excited about the game as we are!

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