Company of Heroes 3 Edition Differences

Company of Heroes 3 Edition Differences

By  Luz Victoria - 21st Feb 2023

Company of Heroes 3 Edition Differences

Company of Heroes 3 Edition Differences

ATTENTION! Make sure you pick the right edition, maggot!

Greetings, Soldier! Company of Heroes 3, the latest release in the Company of Heroes franchise by Relic Entertainment, has two different editions to choose from! Get into the World War II setting with this strategy game, but make sure you choose the right edition between the Standard and Digital Premium editions!

Standard Edition

Standard Edition

The first of the two editions is none other than the Standard Edition. Jump into the action and enjoy the Company of Heroes franchise like never before, featuring high-quality visuals as well as epic, real-time and strategy-based battles.

Enjoy an expansive campaign that changes with each playthrough as you play as both the strategist and soldiers in the midst of battle with four factions, plenty of unit types, and a dynamic campaign map, featuring the most extensive single-player campaign in the franchise as of yet! Change your approach according to your style, rise above the opposition, and take advantage of the largest entry to the franchise, with the most units and factions on launch to date, to lead your army into victory!

Once you're done with the single-player campaign, jump online into battle against other foes and rise above to show your expertise. Can you be the strongest and smartest strategist in the lobby?

By purchasing the Standard Edition, get the following items:

  • Company of Heroes 3, featuring the largest starting roster in the franchise's history.

Digital Premium Edition

Look no further than the Digital Premium Edition for the most complete version of the game! This edition features two additional DLC packs for when they release and a slew of additional cosmetics to enjoy!

The first of the DLC you'll get is none other than the Devil's Brigade DLC Pack, which features a total of five cosmetics for you to adorn your units with: the US Rifleman, US Scout, M18 Hellcat, M8 Greyhound legendary cosmetics alongside the Pioneer profile & title to show your loyalty!

Additionally, get the Premium DLC Pack, which features the first expansion for Company of Heroes 3 — to be released later in the year — alongside the Premium US HQ, Premium Victory Point, and the Premium US M4 Sherman legendary cosmetics!

By purchasing the Digital Premium Edition, get the following items:

  • Company of Heroes 3
  • US Rifleman Cosmetic (Devil's Brigade DLC Pack)
  • US Scout Cosmetic (Devil's Brigade DLC Pack)
  • M18 Hellcat Cosmetic (Devil's Brigade DLC Pack)
  • M8 Greyhound Cosmetic (Devil's Brigade DLC Pack)
  • Expansion #1 (Premium DLC Pack)
  • Premium US HQ Cosmetic (Premium DLC Pack)
  • Premium Victory Point Cosmetic (Premium DLC Pack)
  • Premium US M4 Sherman Cosmetic (Premium DLC Pack)

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