Crusader Kings III Schemes and how they work

Crusader Kings III Schemes and how they work

By  Guest - 27th Aug 2020

Plots and schemes are your bread and butter in Crusader Kings III, learn to be dastardly with a little help from us!

Crusader Kings III Schemes and how they work

Being a ruler in Crusader Kings III means you’ll be spending a fair bit of time scheming or handling the schemes of others. The road to the top is paved with knives, and some of them will most definitely be aimed for your back.

Knowing how the schemes system works in this simulation strategy RPG should give you an edge in your battle for power, life, and a future for your dynasty. Let’s take a look at how schemes work, and what you can expect when playing Paradox's upcoming title.

In Crusader Kings III there are two types of schemes, hostile schemes, and personal schemes.

Hostile Schemes

Hostile Schemes

Hostile schemes take place when direct action is undertaken against another character. This can range from murder to kidnapping. Murder is always open to any character, whereas other schemes may require you to have certain perks unlocked in the lifestyle skill trees in order to begin them.

When you start a hostile scheme you’ll see two essential pieces of information. The first is the chance of success, this shows you how likely it is the scheme will be pulled off. The second is secrecy, a higher score here means you have a better chance of remaining in the shadows and going blameless when your victim falls foul of your scheme.

Schemes can take time to enact, scheme progress will take place over several in-game months with each month having a chance for your scheme to get a little closer to success. This is determined by your victim’s ability to defend, your scheme and secrecy, your agents, and your personal traits and skills. You will have a variety of agents in most cases to choose from, but be careful, some may be less trustworthy than others.

During this time, when your scheme is progressing towards success, there are chances for it to be discovered, leading to your scheme being easier to foil. In addition random events can occur which may allow your scheme to progress quicker.

When your scheme is complete, you can choose to either perform the scheme and the hostile deed, or you can put it off until a later time. Be warned, however, as once you decide to enact and finalise your scheme, nothing can stop it.

As you play you will also become the target of hostile schemes, and it is your spymaster who will be put to the task of uncovering them and dealing with whatever schemes they can. Not all spymasters are created equally trustworthy, however, so make sure you keep on their good side as a disloyal spymaster puts a target on your back.

Personal Schemes

Personal Schemes

Personal schemes are a less brutal means of scheming, as they instead involve influencing another character, usually in a way that benefits you.

As you aren’t plotting directly you don’t hire or coerce agents to enact your will, it is simply based on your compatibility and relationship with your target. This means someone who already likes you will be much easier to bring to your side, whereas someone who loathes you will be almost impossible to charm.

When you put the personal scheme into motion, much like a hostile scheme, it’ll take time to complete. During this time you’ll work to develop your relationship with the other character, choosing the correct options to give them gifts, woo them, or get to know them better.

Your character can run one hostile and one personal scheme at any time, the days have only so many hours after all. In addition, you can only target a character with one scheme at a time. You won’t be able to seduce a married person whilst having them murdered, for example.

Hopefully now you should be prepared to dive head first into the ocean of intrigue that awaits you in Crusader Kings III. With a huge array of schemes to employ and defend yourself against, Crusader Kings III looks set to be a game of incredible depth.

You can pick up Crusader Kings III for pre-purchase right now ahead of its September 1st launch, with Holy Roman Empire outfits included as a pre-purchase bonus!

Article by Alex McHugh



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