Daydream Forgotten Sorrow Interview

Daydream Forgotten Sorrow Interview

By  Steve Greenfield - 14th Jun 2023

We checked in with Frozen Line!

Daydream Forgotten Sorrow Interview

We had a great opportunity to interview one of our newest publishers; Ravenage gave us the honour to answer four questions about their newest release — Daydream Forgotten Sorrow! Check out the questions we asked them here!

1. Daydream Forgotten Sorrow seems to blend some of the best in class games of it’s genre, can you tell us which games most inspired Daydream Forgotten Sorrow?

Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow draws inspiration from several notable games within its genre. Some of the games that influenced its development include LIMBO for its atmospheric and challenging gameplay, To the Moon for its immersive storytelling and unique setting, and Little Nightmares for its psychological horror elements and eerie atmosphere. These games were a foundation for creating a captivating and intense experience in Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow.

2. Can you tell us a bit about the characters in Daydream Forgotten Sorrow?

Griffin is a brave and curious boy, his red hair is always in a mess, and his brown eyes shine with adventure. Dressed in a blue jumper and a funny hat with deer horns, Griffin boldly walks toward an unknown and dangerous world.

Birly is Griffin's teddy bear who came to life. He is Griffin's best friend and indispensable companion in their strange world. Without Birly's help, Griffin cannot complete their quests. Birly is a loyal, resourceful, and caring teddy bear who provides unwavering support to Griffin throughout their adventures.

And a mysterious character who crosses paths with Birly and Griffin in this mysterious world.

3. What kind of experience can gamers expect from Daydream Forgotten Sorrow?

Gamers can expect an immersive and atmospheric experience in Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow. The game aims to create a sense of foreboding and mystery, presenting players with a dark and surreal world to explore. The gameplay is challenging, requiring strategic thinking and skillful execution. As players unravel the complex narrative, they will encounter unexpected twists and turns while striving to uncover the truth behind the protagonist's predicament. The combination of immersive gameplay, rich storytelling, and atmospheric environments creates a memorable and emotional experience for players.

4. Any tips or hints?

Pay close attention to your surroundings and the intricate details within the game world. Clues and hidden paths may be present, leading to new discoveries.

Be prepared for difficulties and be curious to uncover the mystery of this world. Rest assured, Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow rewards patience, research and perseverance.

Daydream Forgotten Sorrow can be picked up now on the Fanatical Store

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