Deluxe Mystery Game - Solve new picture clues to uncover top Steam games

Deluxe Mystery Game - Solve new picture clues to uncover top Steam games

By  Sam Jones - 29th Jan 2019

Guess which Steam games are available through the art of... awful drawings!

Deluxe Mystery Game - Solve new picture clues to uncover top Steam games

Fear not, gamers, for the Deluxe Mystery Game has returned.

Restocked and reloaded with some of our greatest AAA and Indie games guaranteed - for a fraction of their regular price - you could be ruling your own kingdom, learning how to survive in a zombie-infested world, and exploring a sprawling sky-bound city. There a so many great adventures just waiting to be found, and for just $3.99, surely you can't resist?!

To mark the return of the Deluxe Mystery Game, we're revealing a number of clues regarding top AAAs and Indies that you could get your hands on. The 'Fanatical art team' has worked its magic once again to create these amazing drawings - revealing mysteries through the art of (checks image software) GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.8!

Right, the first possible find in our Deluxe Mystery Game!

The arrows point to key clues in this game, so be sure to look at where the line is, and the stick man's 'twin'. The object on the end is one part of a word in the Steam game title.

This fella doesn't look too happy in our next Deluxe Mystery Game clue, as you can clearly see from his facial expression. Also, his rage meter is pretty full, almost like it's reached its limit...

OK, this Deluxe Mystery Game clue might be a little bit tricky, so we've added an extra prop on the left stick man. What is the guy on the left doing, and what action is the right stick man performing?

Easy peasy, you have to get this Deluxe Mystery Game clue! It's a commonly used kitchen item, the yellow lines represent movement (in case you didn't know). It looks like some objects have dropped from underneath... what could it be?

Finally, can you guess our next Deluxe Mystery Game clue?

The stick man isn't looking so good, judging by his face and position. Under close inspection, we can also see something from inside his body (artistic and scientific, we've surpassed our previous skills).

Hurry, the Deluxe Mystery Game will probably sell out soon (again) - so don't miss out!

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