Destiny 2 - The Story So Far - Part 3

Destiny 2 - The Story So Far - Part 3

By  Jacob Sanderson - 13th Feb 2024

Return of the jedi...

Destiny 2 - The Story So Far - Part 3

The Destiny franchise is heading into its 10th year, with The Final Shape releasing in February, concluding the saga which began back in 2013. It’s an incredibly complex and detailed plot, so hopefully, this can help you comprehend the important details going into the insane conclusion. While this won’t go into detail on every last thing, as I’d be here for years just writing each and every detail, yet there are many other resources out there for all the details.

Part 3

This is where everything starts to come together — the beginning of the end. Shadowkeep is the true beginning of the Light and Dark saga, as we finally see the Darkness itself come into play, no longer just a omnipresent force in the background pulling the strings.



At the beginning of Shadowkeep, we are called to an assault on the moon by Eris Morn, who has noticed a mysterious and dangerous gathering of Hive, alongside the appearance of Nightmares, ghostly apparitions of her previous fireteam members, who died. During this assault, we enter the Scarlet Keep, a Hive fortress. Deep within the belly of the fortress, we see it’s housing a Pyramid — a ship of the darkness- and our first direct contact with them. After going deeper, we come into contact with a nightmare of our own: Crota. We narrowly escape and find out that the Hive have an artefact and are able to protect themselves from the Darkness. We steal this artefact and make a set of armour to defend ourselves while also taking out many other Nightmares of our past foes. After this, we break into the Pyramid and the Darkness manages to take a hold of our Ghost. We are lead deeper into the Pyramid by this mysterious voice, and lead us to a mysterious artefact. Upon touching it, we get a vision of ourselves in the Black Garden, communing with a Doppelganger, who is telling us the Darkness is our salvation. This artefact leads us back into the Black Garden, where there is another group of Vex praying to the Darkness and are defeated, leading to a mass invasion of the moon.

Season of the Undying

Season of the Undying continues from Shadowkeep as we attempt to cull the ongoing Vex invasion. During this time, we manage to defeat The Undying Mind, who is leading the invasion.

Season of Dawn

Season of Dawn focuses on a group of Psions hijacking a time machine known as the Sundial and attempting to rewind our defeat of the Red Legion. During this time, we use the Sundial to rescue Saint-14, a legendary Titan who died, yet using the Sundial, we are able to save him from his final death and get his help to defeat the Cabal. At the end of this season, a Psion escaped and sent the Almighty on a crash course directly towards the Tower.

Season of the Worthy

Throughout Season of the Worthy, we get together with the Warmind Rasputin to help set up a satellite array to destroy the Almighty before it crashes into the city. We nearly succeed but destroyed the Almighty a touch too late and caused damage to the tower. We also find out that Felwinter, one of the previous Iron Lords, was created by Rasputin as a body for himself, yet was killed and revived as a Guardian. Due to this, Rasputin ended up seeing Felwinter as a son, yet also felt Jealous that he was able to live for himself instead of his initial plan, so Rasputin started the SIVA protocol, which killed him and others at the start of Rise of Iron. However, Rasputin felt regret for his actions, proving that he was more than just a set of instructions and would prove useful in the upcoming events.

Season of Arrivals

Season of Arrivals follows the arrival of the Black Fleet, a fleet of the Darkness’ Pyramid Ships, in our solar system. Rasputin attacks yet are no match for the Pyramid Ships, and they retaliate, nearly destroying Rasputin, yet Ana Bray manages to save his code. The Darkness, however, doesn’t attack and simply takes up positions around the solar system. This slowly corrupts parts of the system, and they also attempt to communicate. Despite this, Savathun sends Taken to interfere, stopping us from being able to communicate. After fighting through her Taken, we manage to hear their communications. Despite being an incredibly cryptic and almost nonsensical set of works, Eris translates it and believes we are being called soft and that we will never have true freedom under the Traveller. They also seem to infer that we aren’t going to be able to survive without the Darkness, as our foes will use it against us. At the end of this season, Io, Mars, Mercury and Titan were all consumed by darkness, leaving only a void in its wake.

Beyond Light

Beyond Light

The story of Beyond Light takes us to Europa, a moon of Jupiter, following a distress call from Variks, an old member of the Awoken Queen's court, who is under attack by House Salvation,  a new Fallen house headed by Eramis, who has given into the darkness, claiming its power — Stasis — for herself and the rest of her house. After failing to defeat her due to her incredibly overwhelming Stasis powers, we are contacted by the Darkness, once again possessing our Ghost and leading us to a Pyramid Ship docked on the Surface. We also find Eris Morn, The Drifter and even the Exo Stranger fighting off fallen en masse. The Stranger tells us that she is from an alternate time, a timeline in which the Darkness won. Employing her help again leads us to claim the power of stasis for ourselves in a play to defeat Eramis and her lieutenants. After working our way through them, we gain much better control over Stasis and take the fight to Eramis herself, defeating her and leaving her trapped in a block of Stasis Ice. The Stranger gives us more advice on how to control and harness Stasis while also telling us more about herself. Her real name is Elsie Bray, the sister of Ana Bray and granddaughter of Clovis Bray, a scientist who created Exos and performed many other unethical experiments in his facility on Europa. We find out that the last remnants of House Salvation have found their way into the Deep Stone Crypt — the birthplace of Exos — and plan on using the technology found there to bring themselves to even higher heights. We manage to defeat them while Elsie and Ana reconvene and vow to use the darkness to protect this timeline.

Season of the Hunt

In the aftermath of Beyond Light, Zavala and Osiris are investigating the moon due to the potential resurgence of Xivu Arath, one of Oryx’s sisters and a god of war. During this investigation, Osiris’ ghost Sagira is killed, yet Osiris himself is saved by Crow, a Guardian, and the resurrection of Uldren Sov. Upon being revived, Guardians have no knowledge of their past life, yet Crow was shunned by everyone due to his past, and was eventually employed by the Spider. The Spider requests your help with dealing with Xivu Arath, who is using Hive cryptoliths which are corrupting The Tangled Shore and transforming everyone into Wrathborn — mindless soldiers under Xivu Arath. We are also asked by Spider not to inform Crow of his past and that his Ghost is rigged with a bomb to prevent him from trying to escape. After hunting down many of the higher-tier Wrathborn, we eventually find and assassinate the High Celebrant of Xivu Arath, the murderer of Sagira. Spider tells us that we can have one thing from his lair as a reward for our help, and in turn, we choose Crow,  liberating him from Spider's control. He is then convinced by Osiris to come back to the tower.

Season of the Chosen

Throughout all of this, Caiatl, the daughter of the exiled Emperor Calus, began to piece the Cabal back together, declaring herself as the new Empress. The Hive attack her home, and due to our handling of Xivu Arath on The Tangled Shore, she requests a truce, and that we work together against the Hive and the Darkness, yet demands that we fall under her command, which Zavala refuses. Caiatl marks us as enemies alongside the Hive and Darkness due to this. As Caiatl builds her armies, Zavala builds a task force to cut them down due to concerns that she is growing too powerful, and during this, we discover and stop a plot to assassinate Commander Zavala. During this time, we also received and investigated a distress signal coming from a derelict Cabal ship known as the Glykon. Throughout multiple expeditions and research, we find that the ship contains the Crown of Sorrow, which Calus was using as a means to attempt to commune with the darkness. After months of battle with Caiatl’s commanders, Zavala challenges her directly to the Rite of Proving, a traditional Cabal ritual, a trial by combat. Zavala sends us, while Caiatl sends her champion, yet is defeated. Caiatl agrees to a truce under Zavala’s terms, yet a rogue Psion tries to assassinate Zavala again, yet fails due to Crow protecting Zavala. 

Season of the Splicer

At the beginning of this season, the Vex manage to plunge the Last City into an eternal night; Ikora sends us back to Europa to pick up a new ally, Mithraax, The Kell (leader) of the House of Light. The House of Light is a Fallen house which still worships the Traveller despite it leaving the Fallen decades prior. Mithraax is a Splicer, a technologically enhanced Fallen, with a deep understanding of Vex technology. Mithraax gives us the ability to invade the Vex network directly as a play to try and figure out what is causing the endless night. After this Mithraax requests protection in the form of being able to return to the tower. While many people do not trust the Fallen, Ikora gives them a wing in the city for the refugees. After many weeks of trying to figure out what’s causing the endless night, we find out that the Vex aren’t the masterminds, but secretly Savathun, utilising a Taken Vex — Quria — to plunge the city into its endless night. After defeating Quria, we return to the city and find out that Lakshmi — the leader of the Future War Cult, a civilian faction — was working with Osiris behind the scenes to open up a Vex portal in the Eliksni Quarter. Alongside the Fallen, we manage to fight off the Vex, yet Osiris mysteriously disappears after conspiring with Lakshmi against the Vanguard.

Season of the Lost

We find out that Osiris headed to the Dreaming City, and also that Mara has returned from her Throne World. When we find him, it is revealed that Osiris has actually been Savathun since the beginning of Season of the Hunt; she stole his body and has been acting as him since. Upon revealing this, she transforms into a giant indestructible crystal as a defence mechanism and requests help from both Mara and the Guardian to remove the Hive worm supplying her power, as she wants to be free of its parasitic influence in exchange for the return of Osiris. Mara agrees, as she knows removing Savathun’s worm will make her vulnerable, allowing Mara to get revenge for all of Savathun’s schemes. Savathun reveals to us that she is actually an enemy of the Darkness, and her schemes were a ploy to help us, yet it’s unclear if she is being truthful at this point. We help Mara rescue the rest of her Techeun’s from the Ascendant Plane (the dimension where Throne Worlds exist) to help remove Savathun’s worm. During this time,  Savathun reveals to Crow — who is struggling to deal with what happened to Osiris, whom he considered a close friend, and Mara, who isn’t a fan of the Guardian version of her deceased brother — that he was Uldren in a past life, and reveals his past transgressions. Crow takes some time away from the City to work through everything he just discovered, while we perform the ritual to remove the Worm. It is successful, and Savathun disappears, leaving Osiris behind as promised. Osiris is in a coma but is still healthy, and Saint-14 returns him to the Tower.

Throughout these 2 years, we forged alliances while also forming a much better grasp on the darkness, and what we’re truely facing, and it’s time to truely take action.

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