Destiny 2 - The Story So Far - Part 4

Destiny 2 - The Story So Far - Part 4

By  Jacob Sanderson - 13th Feb 2024

Return of the jedi...

Destiny 2 - The Story So Far - Part 4

The Destiny franchise is heading into its 10th year, with The Final Shape releasing in February, concluding the saga which began back in 2013. It’s an incredibly complex and detailed plot, so hopefully, this can help you comprehend the important details going into the insane conclusion. While this won’t go into detail on every last thing, as I’d be here for years just writing each and every detail, yet there are many other resources out there for all the details.

Part 4

We finally take the fight to them, no longer completely in the dark as to what the Darkness truely holds, and it’s time to bring this to a close, no matter the cost.

The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen

Mara was somewhat successful in her plan, grievously wounding Savathun before her escape and even leading to her eventual death, yet everything wasn’t as it seemed. A ghost named Immaru revived her, along with many of her Hive followers, as they were strangely blessed by the Light. We don’t know this straight away however, and simply find out that Savathun has access to the Light, which we believe she has somehow stolen. We fight our way through her Throne World to try and find out what truly happened and how she stole the light. Despite this, we are secretly helping Savathun remember who she was prior to her revival at the hands of Immaru, as, despite the fact she has no memories, she is still a god of cunning. This was due to her plans prior to her death. She knew that the only way to obtain the Light was through death, and through many experiments and research, she believed she would be chosen upon her death, so she set up a contingency plan for her to be reminded of herself upon her resurrection. Savathun ends up casting a spell in a ploy to steal the Traveller and keep it trapped in her Throne World, cutting off everyone else from the Light while keeping it all for herself. She claims this is her way of trying to defend the Traveller from the encroaching Darkness, but due to her past, we are incredibly untrustworthy of her. After we kill Savathun within her Throne World to free the Traveller, Immaru escapes, and Ikora takes Savathun’s body, as it would be risky for Immaru to be able to revive her again.

Season of the Risen

At the same time as The Witch Queen, the Hive are also taking the fight to us, and without a newfound alliance with Empress Caiatl, we utilise Psionic technology as a means to find out their plans. We find out that the Hive are attempting to take the Scarlet Keep from Xivu Arath on the moon as a base to summon Savathun’s Throne World into our dimension, yet we manage to stop the ritual and thwart their plans.

Season of the Haunted

Calus returns on his Leviathan and attempts to commune with the Pyramid on the Moon (the one from Shadowkeep). We take the fight to the Leviathan to attempt to stop him and find that the ship is overwhelmed with Phantoms, ghostly incarnations of people's deepest regrets and fears. For Zavala, this is Safiyah, his former lover, who passed away long ago as she wasn’t a Guardian. For Crow, this was Uldren Sov, and for Caiatl, it was Ghaul, whom she helped rise to power prior to the Red War. Rituals are performed to break the link between the Leviathan and the Pyramid, which also gets rid of the phantoms, requiring the affected individual to accept their mistakes and grow from them. Despite our efforts, we were somewhat unsuccessful; we defeat Calus, yet he has devoted himself fully to The Witness — the intelligence behind the Darkness and the harbinger of a second collapse. We manage to clear the Leviathan of the Phantoms, yet it is too late, and Calus and The Witness are rapidly approaching and developing their schemes.

Season of the Plunder

Eramis has broken out of her icy prison on Europa and is gathering a new Crew to track down specific artefacts. The Drifter requests our help getting a package out of the hands of the Fallen, which we find out to be Spider. He lends us his help to defeat Eramis’ Fallen, while we also track down these artefacts before Eramis can, and we find out they have an incredibly strong dark energy. We discover that these artefacts are actually Relics of Nezarec, an ancient being who was once a Disciple of The Witness, and was the owner of the Pyramid Ship we find on the moon. These relics are parts of Nezarec that were harvester and passed around the Fallen as powerful talisman’s. We manage to collect them all, keeping them out of Eramis’ hands, yet she escapes once again. We utilise these relics to create a remedy, which wakes Osiris out of his Coma, and he tells us of his time under Savathun’s control. Osiris tells us of a vision he witnessed, speaking of a secret on Neptune.

Season of the Seraph

The story of Season of the Seraph follows the attempted revival of Rasputin since his near-death experience during Season of Arrivals, while Osiris believes he may know something about his visions of Neptune. Ana reluctantly gets help from Clovis Bray as they are struggling for time. Clovis has a distaste for Rasputin due to Ana teaching him art and philosophy, which Clovis blames for leading us to our current situation, yet he agrees to help nonetheless. Elsie warns Ana not to trust Clovis due to his past manipulations. We collect data from bunkers across the system while Mara joins in and helps us, understanding that Rasputin could be an incredibly important ally. We revive him and find out that Clovis had always intended to utilise him to destroy the Traveller and attempt to become a godlike being himself. Osiris asks Rasputin about his vision, yet he has no idea, believing he is still lacking data.While collecting more data, we find out that Rasputin had one final order, the Abhorrent Imperative, which would activate if the Traveller attempted to leave, which would launch an attack on the Traveller as an attempt to mobilise it. Eramis, who is also helping The Witness, takes control over Rasputin’s systems and plans to launch the Abhorrent Imperative as a means to destroy the Traveller. We aren’t quick enough to stop them, so Rasputin has one final option: upload himself directly into the system, killing himself in the process, but being able to shut down the Abhorrent Imperative and save the Traveller, which he succeeds in doing. As a final farewell, he finds out through being a direct part of the system that Osiris’ vision was correct, and that there is a city known as Neomuna on Neptune.



The Witness finally arrives in our system on the hunt for an artefact known as the Veil, which we have come to learn is stored somewhere on Neomuna, the hidden city on Neptune. Calus arrives with The Witness and is tasked with finding the Veil, while we are also sent down to the surface of Neomuna alongside Osiris to find it ourselves. We find a race of cybernetically enhanced people known as Cloud Striders, who have been augmented to protect the city from the Darkness. We work alongside Rohan and Nimbus, a Cloud Strider and an Apprentice respectively. The majority of the citizens of Neomuna have uploaded their consciousness into CloudArk, a cloud network. We obtain the power of Strand, another Darkness power similar to Stasis, and utilise it against Calus’ legions. We fight to obtain the Radial Mast, an object used to connect to the Veil, which Calus is trying, and Rohan dies in a sacrificial move to destroy the Radial Mast. Calus is then commanded to go directly to the Veil and link it to the Witness, which we follow to it happening. Within the Vault where the Veil is stored, we fight and kill Calus. However, The Witness manages to possess our ghost and make the link before we can stop it. This opens up a portal on the surface of the Traveller, allowing himself to escape into a mysterious location within the Traveller. We are unable to follow for unknown reasons. Helping Nimbus defeat the remaining Vex and preventing them from recreating the Black Heart, which we find out was an attempt to emulate the Veil,

Season of Defiance

Season of Defiance follows our defence against The Witness’ encroaching army. We work to rescue prisoners taken by Calus’ forces. Mara Sov helps out, bestowing us with Awoken powers and helping us get into the incredibly well-guarded prisons.

Season of the Deep

Suddenly, Titan reappears from the void it was placed into at the end of Season of Arrivals, and upon our investigation, we discover Commander Sloane survived and made a new ally: Ahsa, a proto-worm of the planet Fundament (the home planet of the Hive). We find out that Ahsa has important information on both The Witness and his goals, so we work together with Sloane and The Drifter to strengthen their bond and get the important information we need. During this season, we discover The Witness's backstory, finding out that it was part of a civilisation blessed by the Traveller aeons prior, yet, upon researching the light, we find it has the potential to cause great chaos. Upon finding and researching The Veil, they discover the Darkness, which they feel will allow them to balance the Traveller's chaos. Upon bringing the Veil back to the Traveller, they plan on utilising it to bring about “The Final Shape” — reshaping reality into a way they see fit — yet the Traveller flees. This civilisation utilises the Darkness and merges itself into one being — The Witness — and gives chase utilising their fleet of Pyramid Ships. Ahsa also tells us that the path ahead is obscured and only “she” knows the way, ending the season with “The Witch Queen must rise.”

Season of the Witch 

Season of the Witch consists of us initially hunting down Immaru, Savathun’s ghost, to help revive her, as she is our only lead on how to get to The Witness. In exchange for Savathun’s help, she requests that we kill her Sister, Xivu Arath. Throughout this season, Eris Morn transforms into the Hive god of vengeance as a means to become strong enough to defeat Xivu Arath. Eris and many others are concerned that she will not be able to handle the power of the Hive and go insane, turning on us in the process. Luckily for us, Eris was able to handle the powers of the Hive, and even managed to detach Xivu Arath from her Throne World, dealing a massive blow to her. Savathun also led us to our way into the Traveller: An Ahamkara egg…

Season of the Wish

Season of the Wish sees the Guardian try to make a deal with the spirit of Riven, the Ahamkara last seen during Forsaken. After asking for her to grant our wish to be sent into the Traveller, to follow The Witness, yet she refuses. After killing her and destroying all her eggs she holds and grudge, and refuses to help us without something in return. We retrieve the few remaining eggs hidden around the solar system, in exchange for her help. After finding the final egg, Riven grants us her final wish, and Crow takes his leave to be the first person entering the Traveller. Mara and Riven have a heart to heart, before Riven disappears, as the wish requires the rest of her power. 

This is the true beginning of the final chapter of the Light and Dark saga, all the pieces are in place for The Final Shape, and we’re ready to take the fight to The Witness…

The Final Shape

The Final Shape is the final expansion for the Light and Dark saga of Destiny, which has been the overarching story since the beginning of the franchise. It will take us to a new location, “The Pale Heart of the Traveller”, and towards our final encounter with The Witness…

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