Do I Need to Play Dragon’s Dogma Before The Sequel?

Do I Need to Play Dragon’s Dogma Before The Sequel?

By  Martin Heath - 3rd Apr 2024

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Do I Need to Play Dragon’s Dogma Before The Sequel?

With the release and attention around Dragon’s Dogma 2, many newcomers to the series may be wondering what this franchise is all about and if the prequel is needed to be able to enjoy the new title to its fullest. As the original and its expansion, Dark Arisen, have a fair bit of length, this undertaking may be daunting to take on, but fear not! We’re here with the answer: no… but!

Though the “2” at the end of the title would suggest a continuous narrative, the games are much more loosely connected: the basic building blocks of Dragon’s, Arisen, Pawns, and Magick are the same, but otherwise, the story is very different. As far as we know, the prequel’s Dukedom of Gransys is not mentioned or referenced at all in Dragon´s Dogma 2 and it is not even clear if the second game is chronologically before, after, or even comparable to the first. Taking place in an altogether different continent with different races, you can get along completely fine without touching the original. However, it is not quite that black and white.

While they are not directly continuous, there is merit to having played the originals, in addition to knowing which part of the Ogre to poke. By knowing the basic “rules” of how the universe of the series works, what the difference between an Arisen and a Dragonforged is, and knowing how Pawns act all work to better immerse you into the world. It may also tip you off when something is suddenly done differently or feels eerily similar, such as the robed figure we meet at the very start of our journey. 

In summary, you can safely go into Dragon’s Dogma 2 without playing the original. If anything, you may need to pay more attention to the basic setup of the world and how the Arisen fits into it, but nothing major is missed! However, by playing the original, reading up on the lore, or watching a playthrough, you may gain a deeper understanding of the subtle differences and similarities of the two games. If you find yourself unsure, we recommend jumping into the sequel! If you find yourself enjoying the experience, or find the lore interesting, why not hop back into the original and see what the fuss is about?

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